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Threesome With Horny Bhabhi [Part 1]

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

You are Reading This Story At sexvasna.com No Ajay please, I cant do that. And you know better, Shalini bhabhi said to his lover Ajay. But Ajay did not give ears to it. And he started to dial number on his mobile phone. Ajay asked this bhabhi if she could fuck his best friend Mukesh along with him. Ajay was a threesome fanatic and he somehow wanted to drag Shalini bhabhi in it. But this horny bhabhi feared of people knowing about it. Ajay put his phone on ears, Hello Mukesh, come to Nirali bungalows. I will pick you from auto stand. And

bring the thing with you for sure. (Here the thing was a packet of condom, as they had decided earlier.) Ajay, you will get e caught and society people will throw me out, Shalini bhabhi said by brushing her lips to show adamancy. But Ajay had already called his buddy for threesome sex. Ajay lean towards bhabhi and grabbed her from shoulder. He pulled her towards his face and planted a gentle kiss on her lips. Darling, take it easyYou can tell your society people he is your new English student. The way I have been coming to your place to

learn English. Oh yes, and you pay my husband 1000 bucks. Which are taken from me the previous day Shalini bhabhi smiled saying this! Ajay joined her in the smile business and he started to fondle bhabhis big boobs. This horny bhabhi was damn hotty whose physique attracted Ajay 3 years ago. He has been using this bhabhi as his kept for long. And when Mukesh told about his desire to fuck a bhabhi; ajay thought of being a friend indeed. Shalini bhabhi looked busty in that loose nighty of hers. Her husband Viral had gone to factory and would

only return in the evening. Her daughter Pinki is at school and she will also come after 4pm. Ajay is coming to bhabhis place in disguise of a English student. In the contrary, he is a fluent English speaker. 15 minutes had passed after Ajay called Mukesh. Ajays phone rang. He picked it, hello where are you? I am near auto stand as you said, Mukesh replied. Okay, do one thing, do you see a panwala in front of yellow house? Yes, Mukesh said. Take that line and come to the last house, house number is 25. Just come straight in. Dont ring

the bell or else neighbours will get alerted. Okay mate, Mukesh started to take big strides towards pointed house. In no time he came in the house. Ajay was already near the door welcoming him. Mukesh entered and the door was closed. Ajay guided Mukesh towards the hall where this horny bhabhi was sitting on the sofa. Mukesh had a nice glance on this bhabhi. He looked her from top to toe. Bhabhi also had a great look of this semi-unwanted intruder. She was fearing of people coming to know about it, but she always wanted young dicks like Mukesh

and Ajay. Hello bhabhi ji.Mukesh greeted. Hello, Mukesh! Ajay smiled and said, dot be overtly formal you dumbass. She is our bhabhijaan, go and hug her man. Mukesh leaned on sofa and bhabhi gave him both her hands. Mukesh hugged her and those two busty boobs pressed against Mukeshs chest. Wow, that was sheer greatness packed in chest. Mukesh could smell light fragrance of ladies deodorant. He did not want to leave this bhabhi now. But bhabhi came out of the clutch. Shall we move towards the bedroom, darling? Ajay asked this time. Why

not, Shalini bhabhi replied. Trio started to walk towards the bedroom. Mukesh was the last one to join as he was not familiar with house. Ajay and bhabhi jumped on bed and Mukesh followed the suite. Ajay and Mukesh had made this bhabhi a sandwich now. Ajay placed his hands on bhabhis big boobs and started to fondle them. Mukesh on the other side started to carcass the ass region of Shalini bhabhi. This horny bhabhi was also in sex motion and she was rubbing her lips with her tongue. Ajay slowly lifted bhabhis nighty and there was no bra

inside. Mukesh moved his head upwards to have a look of those busty tits. Bhabhi was wearing a legging which was keeping her big round ass firm. Somehow Mukesh gathered his courage to pull that legging down. He could see bhabhis bare ass now. Wow, that was a clean ass with big ass cheeks. Mukesh parted ass cheeks with his hands and spat on asshole. Bhabhi looked at him and asked, do you wanna lick my ass? Mukesh, I will lick all your body today! And Mukesh did not waste a second and he started to lick horny bhabhi starting from her asshole.

His tongue was rubbing that asshole in upwards and downwards movement. His fingers were touching asshole and bottom area of pussy. This horny bhabhi was being aroused nicely by the tongue business! On the other hand; Ajay started to suck the nipples. Bhabhi has big black nipples which Ajay like to suck a lot. He was sucking both the nipples one by one. Shalini bhabhi was enjoying her body licked nicely by these 2 young studs. After licking bhabhis ass for well 5 minutes; Mukesh slightly moved towards the pussy region. He parted legs and made

some space for his head . His tongue never left the battlefield. Shalini bhabhi was over the moon Ajay and Shalini bhabhi were not doing threesome for the first time. Ajay had got this bhabhi screwed bahbhi one of his friend earlier too. Mulkesh was new to this type of sexual pleasure though. Mukesh now slowly inserted his tongue inside bhabhis vagina and that gave immense pleasure to bhabhi. She moaned and Ajay looked at Mukesh with praise. Mukesh felt as if the fort was conquered. But Ajay knew this was just the tip of the iceberg. This

horny bhabhi was moaning as she started to feel the sex heat. Ajay was very well into knowledge of the thing, so he kept his cool. But Mukesh started to undress himself; thinking Shalini bhabhi is all aroused. Shalini bhabhi had a great look at his tool. She grabbed it in her hands and started to shake it. The pre-cum drop just came out of Mukeshs dick and it rolled out over the shaft. Shalini bhabhi leaned and sucked that costly drop off Mukeshs shaft. That action from this horny bhabhi aroused Mukesh with double horniness! Ajay was was

watching this duo enjoying.. To Be Continued!
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