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Penis for Computer Teacher

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

My name is Amit; I am from Gudgaon. This story is about my computer teacher Suman who liked to play with my penis. I used to go to Aptech for my computer classes. And Suman was our instructor there. She was not fair and all but her figure was perfect and her acts were terrific. In a way she was perfect example of black beauties. I used to ask her for doubts which were already clear in my mind. We soon became good friends as our age was not having much difference. I started following her and even used to go to her home with the excuse of having

doubts. And even Suman started to get free with me. She used to sit on my bike and I would drop her home and all. One day when we were on bike it started to rain very heavily. At first she was reluctant to come on bike as it was windy and dark. But I had forced her to do so. And soon we both were wet in rain. Her tits were touching my back and my penis started to yawn from its nap. I was feeling so good when her tight nipples touched my back and then moved away. My penis came out from its slumber fully and went to erection now. Soon it

started to get cold and I accelerated my bike a bit. She hugged me from the back tightly. This was first time we came this closer. She insisted me to have some tea at her home as I was all wet. I looked at her bulging tits in her pink dress and we got down. She opened the lock and took out her mobile. She called her husband and from the conversation I could make out that her husband was not going to come home in 1-2 hours. She was showing her black bra from that wet dress now and my penis was having jumps now. And she looked at the bulge

formed in my pant. I was able to see her hiding her smile in her lips. She asked me to sit and went to washroom. When she came out she was in nightwear; without any bra in it and her tits were seen jumping. She asked me whether I needed her husband’s clothes but I refused for it. She went to kitchen to make tea for us. We were drinking tea and talking after 5 minutes. She knew I was staring at her tits. And suddenly she asked, “Do you have girlfriend?” And when I refused she said, “Please tell me the truth.” I again said

no. And she said, “That is why you looked at me with that much love.” I was frightened when she said this and my penis dropped from Niagra fall’s top to bottom. I was quiet like dead. She said, “why are you quiet? What happened?” I said, “Nothing.” And she broke the ice again, “We are good friends. Why shall you ashamed of me.” My fear eloped with this sentence and I said to her, “Madam you are so hot and sexy that I can’t keep my eyes away from your body.” She asked, “Did you ever fuck

anyone?” I said, “Yes once I fucked a whore.” She said, “Don’t do that. It is bad. You can catch some disease.” I was free now and moved my hands to touch her boobs. And I said to her , “Madam you are so good…!” Suman madam said, “What are you doing?” but she did not resist my touch at all. Suman Madam Made My Day I could not stop anymore and started to touch Suman madam all over her body. Her slippery night gown made my penis more and more excited. I started to squeeze her tits and she started to get warm

as well. She was moving her head here and there but did not asked me to stop or take my hands off her body. She stopped and took my hand in her hand. She drew me towards the bedroom. In the bedroom she just pulled her night dress from top revealing her hairy pussy and bouncy tits.I could not wait anymore and my lips went on her tits. I started sucking her tits more and more. Suman madam reached to my penis by removing my pant. It felt so good when she started to suck my penis by taking it in her mouth. She was not able to fit the full penis in

her mouth but she tried to give full oral justice to me. After Suman sucked my dick for 2 minutes I parted her legs. Her hairy pussy was having a dense hair growth. I was able to locate the love hall though. I took my dick in my hand and put it on her hole. It was so hot and juicy. Suman madam closed her eyes and enjoyed my dick touch on her pussy. I gave a small jerk to enter in her pussy. Suman madam moaned and my dick was in her pussy halfway. My penis was having a tight grip around it from madam’s juicy lips. I started to stroke

lightly and Suman madam helped me by shaking her buttocks now. It was feeling so good and I kept on shaking my waist to push my dick in and out of her pussy. I reached to madam’s pussy lips and started to rotate them between my middle finger and index finger. Suman madam was moaning heavily and her shakes increased with the time. I was feeling so good and aroused now. After 10 minutes of nice fucking my sex juice started to flow out . All my cum filled madam’s already wet pussy. Suman madam was not in a mood to leave me. She started

kissing me on my neck, lips and cheeks. I put my hands on madam’s thighs and started to massage there Suman madam took 5 well minutes to have her after play. Soon she dressed and gave me one more lip kiss. I dressed in my wet clothes and left. Suman madam kept on giving penis satisfaction for 2 more
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