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Boss ki biwi ki hot chut ki chudai ki

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, I am Ankur and 28 years old guy working in a MNC. I work in sales department. So most of the time, i be on field. My boss was a Bihari and i was reporting to him since last 5 years. So, we were been friend. That time, we were bachelor and we got married almost at same time. I was very closed to him. So, i had met with her would be wife before his marriage. I was not known that one day i will have sex with her. My wife was not as i wanted to be her. I am a sex addict person and she is totally opposite. We had not done anything

till 1 week after my wedding. Whenever I wanted to be close to her. She either went out or said clearly no. One night, i got annoyed and asked for reason. She said – she don’t have any interest in sex. She will do only for sake of having kids. She didn’t want to enjoy our sex life. I was totally disappointed and frustrated but nothing could be done. It was her opinion and I couldn’t force her to be intimate with me. Then, I decided to find something out but i was not looking for any call girl or prostitute. And, if i did affair. It

would be risky and very expensive for me. I was totally confused. One day, my boss had given a party in his house. We all went there. I had my glass and went out to her balcony. I was seeing outside and sipping my drink. Suddenly, I heard my boss wife Komal voice. What are you doing here? I said – nothing. She had seen tears in my eyes. She said – any problem at home? I said – no. Then? She asked again. I was little drunken and said – i had not got kind of wife i wanted. She saw me and said – why? She is good. I said – she good

in everything but not good in sex. I am sex addict and always wanted a wife who can support me, respond me in sex. I love to be dirty and experimental. But, she not even allow me to touch her. Komal bhabhi was listening all this with broad eyes but calmly. She kept her hand on my hand and said – oh.. I am sorry. But, you are not the only one. There are many like you who are facing almost same but they never show their frustration in public. She whispered hard. I saw her and said slowly – you too? Boss is not up to the mark? She whispered

– yes. He is not my man. We were passenger of same boat. We could see that we both had lust want wanted to make love. We were talking about all this, suddenly boss came and we started talking other things. I came back to home and almost forgot what i chatted with Komal bhabhi. Boss went to some other states and i got a call from him. Bhabhi wanted some money. Her ATM was blocked by bank. I went to her home. She was alone that time. I handed over money to her. She said – just sit. I have some work with you. I am going for bath. Just give

me 5 minutes. I sat on sofa and started playing game on my mobile phone. After 5 minutes, she called me up. She asked to give me her towel and under garments. I saw it was on double bed and she could take it. But she called me up. I had given her towel. Then i picked up her bra and panty, smell it and when i was giving to her. She opened the door. She was in towel. I could see her half boobs and sexy smooth legs. She saw me. Her panty and bra was on my face. She smiled and said – hmmm… what are you doing? I was little embarrassed. She

came close to me and opened her towel. My dick was half hard. She was already noticed. She said – if my bra – panty can make you hard, then what will happen now? I was seeing her face, her boobs and her shaved pussy. I was really surprised. I didn’t had any idea that it could happen. Then, I remembered all what we chatted. My dick was hard and pumping in my pant. I removed my pant and said – see, what you made it? She came close to me and caught my dick tight. She hugged me and said – i am hungry and want a man like you. Will you make

me satisfied? I was happy and pushed her on bed. I had removed my all clothes. We both nude and she liked my hairy chest. I bent on my knees and opened her leg. Then, i kept my tongue on her clit. As i started licking her clit. She started moaning, hmmm… yes…. yes… she kept her one hand on my head and was pressing her boobs from other hand. She was pressing my head in her pussy and saying fuck it… yes… suck it… lick it… her was really wet and leaking alot… My dick was also hard and leaking. I got after 5 minutes and then kept

my dick on her pussy. I started rubbing it on her pussy and then started stroking… She was keep saying fuck me… yes fuck me… your tool is huge… it is like monster… hmmm… make me hard cum… fuck me hard… I was moving my butts faster. Entire room was sounding thap… thap… thap… thap… thap… hahamma.. fuck me hard… yes… yes… hmmm… hmmm… You are so hot…. fuck me… She was sounding superb and motivating me too. She had cum 3 times. Then, she said – i had cum 3 times which you boss never do. I said – i am

also cumming. Where should i cum? She said – cum inside. You boss don’t use condom. He can’t make me mother. You do… I released my all cum side her pussy. Then, I fucked her 3 times that day. It was superb and very hot.. I licked her and sucked her well. She also licked and sucked my dick. I requested her to pee on me… She did and i enjoyed… it was superb.. so hot… We both enjoyed. I had left that company but i still fuck her to make her sexually satisfied.. So friends, please share your comments that how do you like my

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