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Married and looking For Long Dick

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

I am married but still looking is tag line of many adult social websites. There are many people male or females who are in relationship but they are still looking to spice up their life. I also belong to same category. I am a married female Neena who is thirty for muscular body with huge dick. It is not like that my husband and I don’t have sex life. We have, but my husband has small dick and cum before me which is shameful for both of us. But, really appreciate my husband as he had done lots of efforts to satisfy me but after seeing my huge

hunger, she allowed me to get it from outside. It was not so easily for me too but I compromised to avoid tension in my family life. I had registered myself in few adult social networking websites and posted few my naked pictures too. I was lucky and got huge response but I decided to have sex with local guy. I and my hubby chose foreigner for play. We were residing in a tourist place and we started invite them as guest. There were many who were interested only in cyber sex or phone sex but we both were looking someone for real sex. One day,

I was chatting and searching for a partner, one Englishman approached me share his video with me. He was sitting nude on cam and I loved his huge dick. We talked in general way and he shared his schedule with me. He gave his phone number to me and asked to call. I called him in the presence of my husband and we agreed on all terms. He came and stayed with us. He was a muscular man and very nice and gentleman. We both liked him and he also liked me. He had dinner with us and we had not spoken for sex. He was in our guest room. Later, I came

and knocked his door and got inside. He was watching a blue film and sitting naked. His dick was excited and erected. I came closer to him and caught his dick in my hands. It was hot and became big. My eyes were sparkling and I took his dick in my mouth and started licking it. I got horny when I saw him nude. I was in a sexy night gown which was just a net and under that I had nothing. He removed my gown and we both were naked and completely nude. He was happy after seeing my big tits and brown tits. He grabbed my boobs and in her hands and

pressed them hard and taken my nipple in his mouth and licked passionately. He was sitting on bed and I was standing against him. He got down and started licking my pussy. My pussy was shaved and smooth. Wet touch of his tongue was giving me pleasure and I was moaning oooo…aaaaaa…….he was far better than my hubby and my body was shaking and shivering. We both were breathing heavily and environment is getting hot. He stood and hugged me tightly and kept his lips on my lips and started licking. He bit me two times and my lips were

paining. I sat on bed and he starting his dick in front my mouth and his dick was leaking and my cunt was wet too. I had taken his dick in my mouth and started sucking it. His body smell was very good and I loved his white dick. He was trying to push his dick deeper in my throught by moving his ass fast. I was not able to control more, so I had taken out his dick out and asked to fuck me. I lay on bed and open my legs; my pussy was all open for him. He was smiling and rubbing his dick on my clit. It was so exiting and wonderful. I closed my

eyes and feeling myself in heaven. I was into my dream and suddenly, I felt a deep shit inside my body. His huge dick was completely in my pussy and he was pushing it hard. I was feeling aaa…….oooo……..yes and he was pushing his dick hard. It was very pleasurable. I cummed two times during sexual encounter; but he was still on. He took out his dick out and pulled my legs and asked me stand like bitch and he rubbed his dick on my ass. I was just thinking that he wanted to fuck my ass and I feeling his big dick in my cunt one again.

This was harder than before and in few strong shots, I felt hot liquid inside my pussy. He cummed and was still pushing his dick inside me. I was tried and but he wanted it more. I requested to sleep with him and he fucked me 3 times that night and I was pleased and my longer time hunger got it.
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