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Absence of lust

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

I wonder where she collected the number from. It was a surprise for me when I received her telephone call early in the morning. Marina, that’s her name. We both were friends while studying together in the college and we enjoyed sex many times during those days. Now it’s almost 14 years that she has been away. She is married and has two kids and I’m married too. She spoke only a few words on the phone.’ I’m coming, I want to meet you, do you the days we spent together. Wait for me.’ Before I could say yes or no, the phone was

disconnected. I reached Delhi one day before she was supposed to arrive. Hired a furnish apartment in the outskirts of the city area and rented a car to travel. While taking rest in the apartment my mind was filled with the emotions and passion about the days we spent together and delight moments of sexual intercourse. I was anxiously waiting for the final call from Merina. Late at midnight her call came from airport she said , her emigration checking process is over and she moving towards the flight and will reach Delhi tomorrow 2.30

noon. The time was crawling like a snail for me and many things were fuming inside my mind. My deepest wish to see my ex-girl friend keeps on bellowing my mind emotions of lucid colors. By 2 o’clock I reached Delhi airport and started waiting for her arrival. He flight arrived on time and my heart started beating like a Congo drum. At last I saw her coming out of the arrival lounge. I was shocked to see. She was not that same collage girl, but a busy sexy lady that anyone would look at her twice. That sexy she was with an American outfit.

We saw each other waved or hands and she cane running to me. Kissed me on lips and said how many years now. Her words were broken. We moved out of the airport, on the way to the apartment she was resting on my shoulder and was narrating her problems wither husband and hate and regret she had towards her husband and so on. I dragged her close to my chest with my one arm and consoled her. She took my hand and placed it over big boobs which I pressed little harder. Suddenly she you are still that naughty guy while studying in the college. By

saying this she gave me kiss on my lips and said, I wanted you badly, you are the only person in my life with whom I have enjoyed the maximum in my life. I want that special day again. We reached the apartment and rested for a while; we hugged and kissed each other caressed or bodies. She said wants to freshen up and went to the bathroom. While taking bath I knocked the door of the bathroom. She commented I know what’s’ you r wish, but I’m not going to open the door. I begged to open the open the door and she did it. I was amazed to

see her naked body. Sexy boobs and perfect round ass, made me mad. I hugged her and caressed her boobs. She was slowly entering in the mood and she undressed me slowly. She took my cock in her hand sat on her knees and sucked it , we were like old collage mates enjoying sex , we forgot everything that we are married. She sucked my cock so softly which I taught her how to do. She still remembers everything, the ways I like and methods I used to satisfy her. Later I sat on my knees and licked her pussy and rolled my tongue inside and touched

her g-spot. She cried loudly in bliss. Later I made her stand close to the, took one of her legs in my hand and penetrated my dick deep into her pussy. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! She yelled and said you are that strong still like our old days. Your wife is the luckiest one to have a husband like you who knows everything a lady needs. Later I made her ride my cock by lying on by back in the bathroom floor. We both climaxed the same time.
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