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Sex with newly wed bhabhi

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, my name is Ali and I live in a small village near Rajkot. My age is 28 year. I am very handsome and have good looks. I am a body builder. When I was introduced to sex that time, I was only 19 and I got a chance to fuck my bhabhi. We are a big family and all of stay in a big house. We all are close relatives, so no one knows who has gone where and when. We belong to family who has skilled labors. That’s why, elder males in our family use to spend most of the time in jobs. If we talk about male member who stay at home, in actual

either kids or old age males. As we cross 20 in age, we use to call for work and come either ones or twice in a year. My uncle son got married to my aunty’s daughter. We all used to stay in same house. So it was like bride supposed to come from one room to another room. Earlier, she was my cousin sister but she was been my bhabhi. Her name was Shabana. Shabana was so beautiful and very pretty. My brother was also good looking and handsome and moreover, he was only person in family who studied well and working with a good company on a good

post. He took 1 month leave for his wedding and then he went on job. It was very initial after his marriage, so he hadn’t taken shabana bhabhi along with him. Shabana and I was very close as we both were almost same age. Now, we were in different relationship and I was claiming my right to tease her as dewar.. being a big family, shabana didn’t enjoyed sex fully. She really spent less time with my brother. The time came and bhai went on job. Shabana was like a hungry tigress that was looking for hunt. She was really nasty and horny but

somehow she was sitting back. I was 19 now and thanks to internet that I was well known about sex. One day, I was sitting in my room and watching sex clips. Suddenly shabana came to my room and she was about to catch me from back but when she saw my computer screen, she was stack and she was seeing the movie clip. I had taken out my dick out from lower and I was pressing it hard. She saw my dick too and her mouth was opened. I got scared and put back my dick inside and shut down the computer instantly. We both were hiding our face but we

were feeling horny but were not able to say thing to anyone. Then, shabana came out from dream and she walked out from my room. We both didn’t talk for 2 days and then one day… that incident had changed my sex life. One evening, my mother was not at home and other member were either busy in their work or out of house. I was at my room and then went to toilet. Shabana was not aware that I am still in my house. She just saw me to walk out from room. She came and switched on my computer and started watching that blue film. I returned back

to room and saw her. She saw me and scared and switched off my computer. I felt that we both want sex now. She was sitting on chair keeping her eyes down to her feet. I pulled out my dick which was half erected and started pressing in front of her. She saw my dick and smiled and I felt this is right time. I caught her face and kept my lips on her lips. I was licking her lips and given my dick in her one hand. She was moaning in pleasure ahahah ahahah ahahah… we both were not in control and lust was on our heads. I pulled from chair and sat

myself and then I asked her to sit on my lap. I kept my lips again on her lips and was sucking really hard. I was removing her clothes one by one and now she was only in her bra and panty… woow… what a wonderful sexy scene… Her boobs were awesome and very sexy…. After seeing her boobs, my 7 inch dick had been 8 inches and was pumping like anything… I removed her bra and her sexy boobs came out in front of my eyes. Ooooo… so sexy…. My dick was completely out of control now and then I had taken her both boobs in my hand and

kept my dick on her boobs and started rubbing it. I was enjoying and she was also moaning in pleasure… She removed my pant now and pressing my eggs… she was enjoying pressing my eggs and I was feeling pain, but I was enjoying that pain. Now, I was not able to keep calm anymore and I made her nude removing her all clothes and asked her to sit on me. My brother fucked her well; her pussy was good opened and loses. As she sat on my dick, my entire dick went inside her pussy and she started jumping over it. Friends, it was so wonderful.. I

was enjoying… she was shaking her butts and enjoying my dick inside her cunt. Our lips were lip lock and we were licking each other lips… we both were moaning and entire room was full of our sexy painful sounds… suddenly, she started jumping fast and hugged me tight… she was moving her ass so fast and then… she fall on me and she opened her legs also. I got to know that she had cum. I felt warm cum on my dick tip… now, I was about to come and I could feel something really hot wish to come like volcano… I hugged her tight and

stroking my dick fast and very hard and then I cum with so hot liquid and I felt pain on dick and it released lot of cum inside her pussy. Then we kissed each other for 15 minutes and then settled. We wore clothes and sat apart. She was happy and I was also feeling happy. She went to her room as my mother was about to come back to home. Now, we both are frank to each other enjoy fucking whenever we get chance…
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