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Two Horny Sisters

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

While I was living as a bachelor in Chennai, I rented a house near the place i work. It was a small portion and it suited me fine as I was alone. The other portion was occupied by the Indian couples who were the house owners. They had two daughters who were studying in college. Since I commuted by car to my office, sometimes the Indian couples would request me to drop their daughters in the bus stand which was on my way to my work place. They used to chat with me well and they were both very close. Sometimes if time permits I would drop

them in their college itself. On one weekday, the house owner knocked my door early in the morning. I was asleep then. I opened the door and let him in. He told me that he had to attend a funeral in his village with his wife. And asked me to take care of his daughters until they return. I said I would and he left. I went back to sleep and after half an hour again someone knocked my door. I got frustrated for being disturbed and opened the door to see both the sisters standing at my door and grinning. I rubbed my eyes and looked at them.

They literally pushed me inside and entered my room. They sat on my bed and asked me to take leave today so that we could go outing as this kind of opportunity rarely comes. I got excited and since I deserved a break from regular hard work, I called my office and conveyed my message. By now the tow sisters began to arrange my room. Which was most of the time untidy and unswept. I went to the bathroom and after my bath when I came to my room, it looked so different. I told myself that I will treat them for this favour. They said they would

prepare breakfast for me and went to their portion. I dressed and went to their house, I had homefood that day and thanked them for the breakfast. And told them that I shall wait for them to get ready to go out. I was waiting in my house for a long time but they did not come. I went to check on them, and they told me that we shall spend a good time in the house itself. I agreed to whatever this beautiful sisters said. Anyway I was going to spend my day with them. That was enjoyable itself. We watched a movie for some time, but the sisters

were whispering in eachothers ears and giggling. I was getting a little embarassed, feeling they were teasing me or something. I said that if I was a bother, I would come back after sometime. They looked at me and giggled. Then they said they had a surprise for me. When I asked what, they asked me to come along with them and took me to their bedroom. I scanned the room to see what the surprise was and could see nothing. I looked at them questioningly and they surprised me by pushing me to the bed and both kissing and hugging me. It was a

pleasent surprise really. After some time we were all undressed and had a a very very sexy time together. I got to hump both the sisters. It was a really unforgettable threesome indian couple in my life.
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