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Sex Toy After A Long Time

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Trisha told his son who was playing with a young girl in children’s playing area of the park. “Mili, time to move for us as well, darling” This time the voice came from a mature guy in his mid thirties. Trisha did not know this guy till then. But he often see him in the same place. He comes with her young daughter; whom he just addressed as Mili. Trisha looked at this guy and he had a small smile on his lips. Trisha smiled back. “Hi, I am Arvind Khoshla!”, the guy broke the ice. “Hey, I am Trisha Diwan.” Trisha

shook the hand. The guy was hot; which was evident from the small handshake only. “I often see you here.” The guy continued. “Yes, just like me.” Trisha said. To this they both smiled. Trisha continued further. “I come here for Haresh, his dad left us and I have dual responsibilities.” “Oh, I am so sorry.” Arvind sighed. “No, it is okay, I am used to it now.” Trisha replied in confidence.. “I have almost same story, Mili’s mom left us for some rich guy. She calls her on festivals but for me she is

nothing more than a dead person” Arvind has lot of sorrow in his slow pitched voice. “Oh” Trisha sighed now. “Anyways, it is great to meet you. I will see you around” Arvind left the conversation and he started walking with Mili towards the street. Mili looked back but Arvind never looked back. After a long time Trisha had someone to share thought with. She wanted Arvind to stay for some time. She had lot more things to tell to him. Those inundations were killing her. She wished Arvind would come back. For a moment he was not

stranger for her…! “Mom, shall we go home now?” Haresh brought her to the reality world! “Yes my darling…!” Trisha wiped the tear drop from the edge of the eye before Haresh could see it. She could not forget those few moments all the day. She had Arvind’s light feeling face in front of her all the day. She could barely concentrate on the work all day. She smiled on herself couple of time for this. But she was out of control..! The sun set itself to the resting west side. Trisha packed his laptop bag and drew towards

home. While driving on the high road she suddenly stopped at the sex toy shop. She had seen this shop 100s of times before this; but for the first time today she stopped there. She was high today. Those few minutes with Arvind melted her from within. She wanted to take out the excitement with the sex toy. “Hi, mam good evening.” The guy on the counter wished Trisha. “Hmmm!” Trisha did not care to answer too. She almost ran into the shop and started to look the sex toy of her desire. After having look at couple of them she

chose a rubber dildo. “Do you want it gift wrapped, mam.” The same guy on the counter asked now! “No, just pack it.” Trisha told him. She paid for the dildo and drew towards home again. She had hid it in her laptop bag. As she entered the house; her body had already started to heat up. Her throat was kind of thirsty; albeit it was not the water thirst. Trisha threw the bag and almost ran towards the shower. No doubt the sex toy was in her hand and she was in need to play her pussy today. She closed the door behind her and

started to remind herself of those great days. When she was in college and he first met Kirit. Kirit was the guy who made her feel special in those days. How he fucked Trisha on every possible occasion. She reminded herself of those lovely gathering at friend’s places; which will turn into sex pleasure at times. She unzipped the pant and slid panties in side. Her fingers were touching the pussy which was almost wet. There was sweating all day in that area and the pussy was still hot. Trisha put fingers on clitoris and pinched it a little.

It was instant horniness for her. She unpacked the dildo and slid it near the pussy hole now. That sex toy was arousing her more and more now. Trisha now dropped the panty and she opened the shower. The cool water droplets were giving her more hot feeling. She slowly inserted the dildo in her hole and she screamed with the pleasure. She was using the sex toy after a long time. She used to use in girls’ hostel with friends. But after her marriage she never used it. But today those few minutes with Arvind made her use it again. Trisha now

inserted half the dildo in pussy and started to roll it in and out with rotating it. That dildo was giving her really hot feeling. She was screaming and moaning in pleasure. She kept on fucking herself with the dildo for about 2 minutes. Her pussy was almost leaking the juices. The sweating was being washed by the running water but the feeling wasn’t. Trisha started to breath heavily now. She was approaching the climax part of this masturbation now! And with a loud moan she squirted. The dildo got the pussy juices on it. Trisha filled

the pussy with entire dildo in it. Only a part of it was hanging out so it could be taken out. 2 more moans and Trisha pulled out the sex toy from her pussy. It was a great relaxation after a long time for her. She took bath and came out from the bathroom. She was satisfied…! But god knows whether this was just end or start of a new beginning!
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