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One Afternoon

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Raghu uncle is a regular in our house.He visits our city once a month on office work. He and my father were colleagues at one time. He is a very talkative man and easily attracts listeners with his eloquence. Raghu uncle is around 47 years of age and remained a bachelor for reasons best known to him. He would always laught it off when anyone questioned about his bachelorhood. He would shrug it off saying that he has no stomach to lead a married life. Our house was a decently big one. Me and my younger sister are the only children to my

parents. My mother is a teacher in the local convent school and my younger sibling is pursuing her graduation. I graduated in Engineering stream this year and am preparing for the post graduation entrance examination. It was a humid day and I was studying in my room alone. At around 2.00 in the afternoon the door bell rang. I was surprised who could have come at this time. It was too early for my mom to return from school. My sister will be coming in much later at 5.00. I opened the door and lo! Raghu uncle was standing with his suitcase in

his hand. I felt happy to see his cherubic face again. He walked in greeting me with a smile and handed over a sweet packet to me. Thanking him for the gift, I asked uncle why he had not informed us in advance about his arrival. He said that the tour was suddenly decided and that he started at 11 in the morning. He rushed to the bathroom to get refreshed. I arranged lunch for him by the time he came out but he said he had his lunch and will leave for the office in one hour. He said he was tired and prefered to lie down for a while. I made

his bed in the guest room and he reclined. I returned to my room to study. After ten minutes Raghu uncle got up and opened the fridge for water. He was peeping into my room when I caught his eye looking at me. There was something strange in his eyes, the way he was looking. I did not realize that my top buttons were open and my breasts was visible. His eyes were scanning my boobs. I quickly covered my top and smiled at him. He walked into the room and sat by my side. He placed his hands on my lap and started stroking. I never realised that I

had carnal thoughts about uncle. His hands have melted my resolve and I started reciprocating to his moves. Emboldened by my positive response he moved near and placed his lips on my lips and kissed. I was shuddering with excitement and clasped his back and pressed his body towards me. My boobs were pressing his hairy chest and the I was feeling goosebumps all over my body. Uncle got up and led me to the bed. He unbuttoned my top and clutched my boobs with both hands and said” never knew you had such a good pair under your clothes!”. I

was flabbergasted by his appreciation and thrust my bosom on to his face. He undid my bra and took one boob in to his mouth and started sucking it. He held my hand and led it to his crotch. I cupped his cock together with his balls and squeezed them as he moaned in pleasure. He undid his fly and handed over me his manhood.It was the first time for me to see a cock in such close quarters. I wondered at its virility. His cock was strong, erect and pulsating. The knob on the cock was red hot and a few tiny drops of his pre-cum was oozing out of

its whole. I lubricated his cock with those drops and ran my palm up and down and started masturbating him. His fingers found their way into my pussy. He pushed two of his fingers deep into my cunt and pulled them out and licked them off the juices. I was taken aback by his action. He winked at me and inserted his fingers again and started fucking me wildly. His fingers were working magic in my choot as it started producing more and more juices. My thighs were wet with the juices as he intensely poked his fingers. I was toying with his cock

and it grew in great length. It was scorching my palm and his balls were taut with tension. I could feel his juices spurting out of his dick and he pressed my head on to his cock. Even before taking it into my mouth his cock erupted and let out a jet of juices on to my face. My eyes were blinded by the force of his juices. Some of it fell on my lips and I winced at its salty taste. Uncle was still fingering my cunt. He withdrew his fingers and rubbed my pussy juices on my lips and winked at me. I lapped it up eagerly. Again he inserted his

fingers and fucked my cunt till I released my cum all over his hand.
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