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Masturbation circle

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

We were at my friend Susie’s house and had the whole house to ourselves. Su was able to break into her brother’s room and fumble out some xxx videos. We were already nude and that too for the first time and actually watching porn. Mamta was already playing wither nipples. All of us were at the point of masturbating when Susie came up with the idea of a personal masturbating circle. We would gather and masturbate. Susie started off slowly playing with her pussy and I joined her while the others watched. The girls cheered and soon

joined us. I soon gathered my rhythm, and ran my finger up all along my slit, the love juice peeing out; my fingers were soon sticky with my juice. I pushed my finger a little further and dipped it into my love tunnel and guide it up to my clit. I patterned small circles on my clit and watched the other girls gathered in a perfect circle and playing with their pussy. Deepika is a sexy girl with bouncy tits and pointed nipples. Her pussy was in full view. Her clit was visible in a clammy twat that was pouring with her juice. She spread her

labial lips and pushed in two slender fingers in her pussy. The fingers were creamy and they plunged in and came out creamier each time. Susie has nice inner love folds that sported a nice brown color. Her nipples stood haughty on her sexy big boobs and she had three fingers deep in her pussy the other hand was busy stroking her sexy clitoris. Mamta was busy with a smooth hair brush handle and her boobs were also sexy. She was moaning and playing fast with the handle. Archana was the shyest of us all but she too was enjoying rubbing

her clit. She was too into it that she didn’t notice us at all. Her pussy was so sweet and I just loved looking at it. She moaned out loudly as she played and was looking so nice that I just wanted to have sex with her. We felt so naughty in that state all of us puffing and moaning and even crying out in lust. We soon got so horny that some of us were now talking dirty. We wanted the play o go on that we peaked and let us calm again. The room was musky and Susie suddenly asked to taste ourselves. It was sexy and I loved the taste of my

juice. I was so horny that I placed my fingers on Susie’s lips and she licked it off. I fed her more and more and others joined in soon. We were so in the mood that we just wanted to cum then. I don’t know who the first one was to climax but it was not me. Talking gibberish I came and fell to one side on somebody’s body. The room had an overpowering smell of love and love juice and smelt really feminine. We all came soon and that was the best day ever in our new lesbian life.
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