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Unsatisfied bhabhi sex with brother-in-law

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, I am Amit and I am studying in an engineering college in Lucknow. Basically, my native is Kanpur but i stay in university hostel in Lucknow. I have one elder brother who work in Bank. He recently been married few months ago. He was in Delhi and after some time of marriage, he transferred to Lucknow. I was very happy. I loved to spend time with my bhabhi. And also, I was willing to have home food as i was bored eating the hostel food. Bhabhi was just one year elder than me and almost 5 years younger than my brother. Due to less

age gap, we had been good friends. When my brother got shifted in Lucknow, I helped her. Brother was busy as he had to take charge from person whom was he replacing. I had taken leave from college and helped bhabhi to set her home. I had firstly accidentally touched bhabhi so many time. I loved to touch her. I used to feel flow of current in my body. I had seen her boobs in this duration. MY bhabhi name is Savita. She is very pretty, beautiful and gorgeous lady. Her colour is very fair and skin is brighter like milk. Her figure is 34 – 32 –

36. She use to wear saree and deep neck blouse. Her boobs are well rounded with pointed tits. Her tits always make points in her blouse. When my brother was married, his friends was after my bhabhi. It was very difficult to handle them. My brother had taken transferred to Delhi to avoid that awkward situation. If any friend went to Delhi, he used to ignored him. But, due to my mother illness. He had to come back to Kanpur. But, due to some problem, he got transferred to Lucknow which is nearer to Kanpur. He used to go to Kanpur every weekend.

Some time, bhabhi use to go with him or some time not. I had not shifted to bhabhi’s house but when bhabhi didn’t go to kanpur with brother. I used to go to her house. Bhabhi was new to Lucknow and used to feel bore. So, I used to take her for ride on my bike and also show many places. We all know that Lucknow is a historical place and it alot to see. Even, in week days also; when she felt bore, she used to call me and asked me to come down to home. My brother always been in bank and was not able to give much time to bhabhi. We both have

become good friends now. We were really close. Bhabhi now used to sit on bike being close with me. So many times, i had felt the pressure of her sexy boobs. Whenever, i felt her boobs touch, I used to feel 440 volt current in my body. I never thought wrong about her but when i saw her sexy navel and hot wet body. It was first time, when i felt hornyness on my dick. That day, we went for a movie and when we were coming back to home. It started raining. We both were wet. Her saree was all stack with her sexy body. She was looking so hot like a

sex goddess. My eyes were starring her hot body. I was so horny. My tongue was juicy. My eyes were twinkling with hornyness. She read this in my eyes and went to her room. She changed her clothes and came out with towel. She rubbed my hairs with towel and said – hmmm, I believe you have grown up now. She was smiling and laughing. I thought – she is also keen. I can take a chance. She went to kitchen and was maing tea for us. I was starring from outside. Her ass was so sexy and hot. I was not able to control seeing her sexy rounded butts. I

went to kitchen. I said – leave bhabhi. Let me make tea for you. Tea was really tasty. She liked it and was praising me for tea. I was seeing clear way for a sexy night. It was 8 in night. Bhabhi was about to leave for cooking dinner. My brother used to come late in night from office. When bhabhi was in kitchen, I went inside and caught her from back. I believe, she wanted also this but she said – hey, what are you doing? I ignored her and kept my lips in her neck. I started kissing her in romantic way. She was not able to say any word.

She was just moaning sexy ahahhh… heyyyyyy… yyyyy… ahahhahahha… jjjjj… hhhhhhhh… Her breath was warm and i could feel her warmness of her breath on my face. I was known now that she was also hot and thirsty. I was kissing her passionately and not left till the time, she turned back and hidden her face in my chest. Then, I kept my lips on her neck again and was licking it. She caught me tight and started kissing my chest. We both were out of control. We were not able to hold more. I pushed her back and made her stand against kitchen

platform slab. Then, i came down to her boobs and started kissing and biting her boobs from over blouse. I was also pressing her boobs her. She was moaning in pleasure. Entire kitchen was full her sexy sound ahahha ahahah… yesss… sss… oooo… oooo…. She was pressing my head inside her boobs. She was also pulling my hairs wildly. I understood that my bhabhi is not satisfied with her sex life and i must not delay her fucking anymore. I had untied her blouse and opened her bra hook. As, i opened her bra, her sexy hot boobs were freed.Wow,

friend what was sexy hot thing was infront of my eyes. I was not able to control. My dick was pumping more the Rajdhani train speed. Seeing my dick condition, my bhabhi was smiling. I had taken her boobs in my hands and was pressing hard and also taken her tits between my teeth. I was biting them wild and sucking her boobs so well. She was madly pulling my hairs and sounding very loud… ahhaha… agaagagga… jjj… oooo… oh gosh… you are so hot… so sexy… Please fuck me now. I am very hungry for huge dick. Please fuck now. Don’t

delay. You brother will come soon. I don’t want to leave in between. Please fuck me now… Please… ahah ahahha ahah… ahahah… I understood this and removed my pant and also my underwear. I was naked from bottom. She was starring my big dick. Her eyes were broaden. She said – your dick is huge like monster. Your brother have less than half of yours. Then, I removed her saree and pulled up her petticoat. Then, I turned her and bent on platform. She was almost in doggy style in front of me. What was sexy asshole she has! so awesome…

very very hot. I was juicy in my mouth and wanted to lick her asshole. I had kept my tongue in her pink asshole. Woow… it was too tasty… I was licking her asshole and cunt from back. She was pressing her butts and was playing with my hairs. Then, she saw the clock and said – please fuck me now. You brother will come in 15 minutes. I am thirsty now. Please fuck me… See, my pussy is really wet. Please… You brother will not be able to satisfy me. I will feel hungry all night. Please fuck me… She was begging me now. I was enjoying

this. I pushed her now on slab and put my dick on her pussy. I played my first stroke. As my dick top went inside, she started shouting oooooo….. oooo… yours is huge…. oooo… I am dieing…. its big…. It is tearing my pussy…. oh… In next two stroke, my entire dick was inside her pussy. I was stroking hard and she was also throwing her butts back to feel my dick deeper. She was sounding in sexual pleasure ahah ahaha ahaha… fuck me… fuck me hard… yes… I am dieing… love you… you dick is huge… fuck me hard. I fucked for

10 minutes. In 10 minutes, she got cum and his body was calm and relaxed. I got to know this and started increasing my speed of fucking her. In another 10 minutes, I was about to cum. When i asked where to released, she said – drop it inside. As she felt my warm cum inside her pussy, she pulled my dick out and ran to bathroom. I also pulled back my jeans in hurry. I was justing coming out from kitchen. I saw my brother was entering. He saw me in kitchen, then only my bhabhi came out from bathroom. She said – you little brother make good

tea. Today, he will make your evening tea. She was smiling. So friends, I was my first sex encounter with my bhabhi. After that, I fucked my bhabhi many time. So i do till today…
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