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दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hi, I’m Enigma. 22 years old. I m from Dhaka city of Bangladesh. I’m very much naughty and fun loving boy & have an easy-going personality. I’m smart, attractive, 5’10” tall; I’ve athletic body, fair complexion & 8’’ huge penis. I can fuck girls very much in many ways with true fun, enjoyment and satisfaction that u can’t imagine. I am the gangster of love, the fun machine. Call me if you need someone to fuck. I say: ‘that it’s all about making you ejaculation until you beg me to “stop please”. Now I’d like to

narrate a different sex story. This story has been written for girls only. Only girls can read this story. So girls, before reading this story, just wear bra and panties and lock the door of your room. Then enjoy the story and go through it. You are beautiful, tall/avg height, slim/fit body with short/long hair tastefully done up in a behind your head. You are wearing a matching bra and panty which are wrapped tightly round your body showing all your curves to their best advantage. You showed me your bedroom and we both are sitting on your bed

and talking more about sexual fantasies. You are now getting warm and I am taking my first step. I am placing my hands on your arms and pulling you to my chest and raising your face with my right hand kissing you lightly on your lips. Now I am kissing more passionately. I am licking your other ear lobe and you are becoming hotter. I am placing my hands on your boobs and squeezing them slightly. You are saying: oohhhhh…” I am fondling your boobs from over bra, pressing them and then squeezing them again. You are whispering “uuufffff

aaaahhhhh ooouuuuu and closed your eyes in excitement. I keep kissing & inserting my hands inside your bra and feeling the smoothness, softness and warmth of your boobs with my palms. You are moaning again. Your bra is so small that it could hardly cover your nipples. As I am unhooking your bra, your tits sprang out and the bra fell off. You are now only in your panties. The nipples on the tips of your fleshy boobs have grown hard and pointed. They are really firm and tight. We are hugging each other and kissing. I am laying you on the bed and

taking your erect nipples into my mouth and chewing them. You are giving a small cry and moaning. I am pushing you on the bed and with my right hand opening your legs. And slowly starting to explore your pussy. I am licking your lips. I am also fondling and squeezing your breasts. Our tongues found each other and we are kissing passionately. You are taking my clothes off and I am helping you hurriedly unbuttoning my shirt and pants. I am putting my hands around your waist and pulling you towards my naked body. Your soft breasts are crushing

against my hard chest. We are chewing each other lips and tongues. Your soft breasts and erect nipples are feeling nice against my bare chest. I am kissing, sucking and licking your tits and nipples. While sucking your both nipples, I am placing my hand on your pussy and started to rub it. You are now mad with desire. You are raising your hips and pressing them to my hand. I keep rubbing your cunt. I am running my finger between the lips of your cunt and taking your swollen clit between my fingers and pressing it. You are shuddering as an

electric current are going through your body. Your opened wide legs have made more places for my hand. Your hips are now slowly moving up and down in fucking motion. I leaned in and whispered you to stand before me. You stood, & I am kissing your neck again. You are tilting your head back to allow me to taste even more of your neck and shoulders. I am feeling your flesh pressing against me. I couldn’t resist exploring all of your body with my hands. Starting with the back of your neck, down your back and around to your thighs. I am wrapping

my arms around your back and laying your back on bed, on my side. I am running my hands from the top of your neck down to your very erect nipples. I am playing with your nipples under and between my fingers. You are raising your body in anticipation of my fingers squeezing them. You are moaning again to the rhythm of my hands. I am putting myself on top of you; my tongue is going up and down between your breasts, licking them both simultaneously. I am then alternating between each of your full breasts. I left her for a moment & she parted her

legs to make room for me between them. I am lying down between your legs& kissing your wet inner thighs. I am faintly licking the sensitive crease of your leg. You are moaning as my tongue tickling you. I am extending my tongue and placed it below your pussy. You have a clean shaved/short-hairy pussy; I am getting down kissing on your pussy lips. When I am planting a kiss on your pussy lips, you are starting to moan in whisper & making sounds like usssssssss. I am licking up with my flattened tongue but not sliding into you. I am going back

and sucking one of your pussy lips into my mouth. With extreme gentleness I am sliding my tongue along both sides of the delicious flesh. I am repeating the act on the other side too. “Eat my cunt fully… Aaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaahhhh drink it aaaaaao.” You are wailing like an uncontrolled animal, your naked gyrating body twisting. “Ooooh yessss… Oooh… Unnnnhhhhhh… Uhhhhhhgggghhhh!” your hands are moving down and opening yourself for me. My tongue is moving in and slipping deeply and hard into the folds of your pussy. My nose is

resting firmly against your clitoris. My mouth is feeling your juices. Slowly I am swirling through your wetness & tickling every bump and fold. I slowly withdrawing and circling your clit with my dripping tongue & sliding my lip up and down over your clitoris. Faster and faster I am going, alternating between deep excursions into your pussy with my tongue, to the delicate licking of your clit. You are now reaching new heights of ecstasy. Your head is thrashing from side to side. Your chest heaving in desperate attempts as loud screams of

“Oh God. Ahhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii that is indeed what I wanting you to do. My face is being literally covered in your juices. Your climax is exactly what I wanted. I am proud of my work. You are looking up at me with a look that I’d never seen in a woman before. “Come, pls fuck now” you said with your eyes burning. I am grabbing you by the hips & spread your legs a little wider to accommodate my dick. I am rubbing the head of my big cock along the slick opening lubing it for an easier entry. “Oh, I

just don’t know this is going to feel soooooooo good!” you are whispering. I am moving forward, slowly and methodically, slowly started to fuck you. You reached back and started to fondle my balls while I am picking up the pace. I am grabbing your hair and pulling your head back. You are turned and looking at me. “It’s alright,” you are barely able to gasp. As I am going to work on your pussy with reckless, animal thrusts I can feel your strong inner muscles squeeze away at my dick, milking it for all it is worth. I am continuing to

slam into your pussy with incredible force and stamina, until your spasms subsided. You are whispering with moans “oooohhh aahhhhh ittss fffiinnne I lliikke ittt vveerryy mmuucchhh. My attention is drawn to your ass. It is big and muscular. I started playing with your ass and you are saying, “if you love my ass so much, you can fuck my ass.” It is so exciting to hear those words. “I am saying:”Let’s do it”. Your hands are wrapping around the hardness of my cock, you are working on my cock. Her lips are tightly clasping the root

of my throbbing cock. You are throwing your hands around my buttock and pushing your mouth hard into my crotch. My cock throbbing deep inside your throat and I am breathing deep and going stiff all over my body unable to relax. I know I am not going to last this time, I just need the trigger to come shooting. I know that I wouldn’t last much longer. “I am going to cum,” I am groaning. She removed her mouth from my cock & moved beside me. Now I am knelling behind you and applying a little cream in the crack of your ass. I then positioning

my hard dick directly at the point of entry and slowly slid it in. After the initial resistance, it slid in naturally. My entire body started to tingle and you are roaring. I am bringing my dick out slightly and then ramming it deep into your ass. I am repeating this time after time until me exploding. So girls, I hope you enjoyed this story a lot and got wet. If you want to do this type of hot chatting with me by messenger or phone and want to get wet or if you have any other intention, email me. My email address is: DHKPLAYBOY@YAHOO.COM

Secrecy is assured and expected.
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