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Indian aunty ke sath mera pahla sex

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friend, my name is Sumit. I am 34 and a married person now. I love to read sex stories since i was young. When it was not available on internet, I used to read sex story books and now find sex stories on internet. I had read many stories here and wish I also must share my few sex experience with all of you. I am not a writer, so my story will in simple words however, I will try to make it little spicy. I reside in south delhi and I am a fitness freak person. I used to go for jogging every morning. When I used to come back, one school bus

stop was nearby to my house. Whenever i had been pass thru from there, I used to see one aunty who used to come to drop her kid. We always see each other and she used to smile seeing me. We never had spoken to each other; even we didn’t knew each other. But, her smile in morning always made me fresh. She must be around 32 – 33 but her figure was superb. I always love to see her rounded butts. If she had been little late, now i used to wait for her and one she come, then only i was left for home. She used to come on scotty to drop her

kid. Her ass was really nice and her boobs were big like millions. She was beautiful and really gorgeous. I always see her with thirsty eyes and i assume that she was also feeling same for me. I always found an invitation in her eyes and smile. Thats why i started making plans to fuck her. But, i didn’t had enough courage to speak to her, to talk her. But, i always watched her. One day, I didn’t wet for jogging but dressed properly and went to bus stand. I was waiting for her. I was starring her and she also saw me but that day she

ignored me completely as she didn’t know me. After catching the kid bus, she came back to stand and was starting her scotty. She was kicking it hard but some problem was there. She was looking for help and the she asked me to come. I – What happened aunty? Aunty – My scotty is not starting. Can you see please? I – ok, I cleaned spark plug and then kicked it. But it was not starting. Then, i put choke and kicked again. It was not starting. I asked where do you live? She – I reside in camp. I said – My house is near by.

You can stay at my home and i get take your scotty to garage and get it repaired. She said – ok. i Parked her scotty in one side and then we came to my home. I introduced her to my mom. I lied that she was my friend’s mother. Aunty saw me and smiled. Then, i had taken her scotty to garage. Mackinaw checked the scotty and said – there is some problem in engine. It will take 2 – 3 days. I told aunty. She said – ok. My mother suggested that I must drop her to her home. I started my bike and asked her to sit at back seat. She was

sitting close to me. I could feel the touch of her boobs and tits on my back. Hmm… what ’s sexy feeling it was. I was enjoying. After reaching her home, she offered me tea. I said – no. I have to go somewhere and doing acting. She took my hand in her hands and said – come na. Please come na. I wanted this only and i happy from inside that everything was working in my favour. I was feeling lucky myself. Her was really big and beautiful. i was apprising her house decorations. She said thanking and went to kitchen. I settled on sofa. She

came with tea after 10 minutes. I asked – do you love alone in such a big house? Aunty – yes. It is like that only. My husband is a business man and most of the time, he is out of town. He is an owner of company and to make it grow, he go out of city almost every alternate day. When aunty was telling all this, My eyes were starring her boobs. I was sitting very close to her. She had beautiful boobs. Some part of her boobs was visible to me. Her pinkish colour was making horny. Her boobs were well rounded. She noticed me and asked –

what are you looking? I felt embarrassed and said – no.. nothing. Aunty smiled and said – you are lieing. I noticed that you were seeing something. I said – yes. You are beautiful and your boobs are so hot. Aunty said – do you want to touch it? I was really lucky that day friends. Whom i wanted to fucked since long. She was offering herself to me. I kept my hand on her lap. She moaned on my touched and got crazy. She put her lips on my lips. She was kissing me, smooching me like she was thirsty since many years. I had kept my hands

on her boobs and started pressing them hard. Her breath was fast and warm. Her sexy smooth boobs was making me mad. Aunty had given her tongue inside my mouth and doing as she was fucking my mouth. I was sucking her tongue. She was so expert in sex but it was my first time. I had seen lots of blue film and did masturbation a lot. So, I was taking her ride so well. She kept her hand on my dick and started pressing it. My dick size is 7.5 inch. As she touched it. It became hard and started jumping. It wished to come outside and wanted aunty hand

touch. I had removed her all clothes and made her nude. She also removed my clothes and me nude. She was seeing my huge dick. Her eyes was twinkling with pleasure. She asked me to come to bedroom. We went to bedroom. She pushed me on bed and started playing with my dick. She had pulled my dick skin till end and now it had red colour triangle top. I was feeling pain but it was so horny that i didn’t wanted to spoil the mood. She had taken my dick in her mouth and was licking it hard. She was touching her tongue at top of my dick and then

came down to end of dick. She was rubbing her tongue on my dick. It was so hard and awesome feeling. So wonderful and superb. She made my dick completely wet. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop. Wow… it was sucking it so well. I was about to cum. I now started pushing my butts in her mouth. She got to know that i was about to cum. She started sucking me fast and tight. I released my cum in her mouth only. She drunk my all cum. Then she came over me and kept her pussy on my mouth. I started licking her

pussy and kept my hands on her boobs. Friends, so sexy and hot aunty was on my mouth. Her sweet sexy pussy taste was make my horny. I was touching her pussy g-spot with my tongue and rubbing round, round there. She was shaking her butts fast and moaning in pleasure aah ahah ahah… hmmm. ahaha.. ahahah.. ahahaha.. entire room was full of her sexy loud voice. She was saying – yes.. suck me… drink me… Please fuck me now… yes… yes… ooo… She had cum and dropped all her cum inside my mouth. I pushed her back and split her cum on floor.

Then, she said – please fuck me now. I can’t wait any more. I pushed her on bed and opened her legs and put those on my shoulder. I put my dick on her pink pussy and then played my first shot. Her pussy was very wet. My dick went inside few inched deep in my stroke stroke. She started shouting hmmm hmmm… ooooo…. Slow.. please slow… I was surprised. Being having a kid, her pussy was really tight. I stroked again and this time, my entire dick went inside. I was playing shot again and again. I was stroking really hard. She had crossed

her legs across my neck and was pushed me hard. She was replying me back with moving her butts fast. She was pressing her back fast.. so.. ahah.. ahaha… We both was sounding in pleasure ahah ahah ahah ahah.. ahahah.. fuck me.. fucking you… You are so hot aunty… so hot… You made my life dear… Your dick is wonderful… I am happy… yes yes.. fuck me hard… fucking you… She had cum twice in our 15 minutes fucking game. Then, i had changed the position. I made her doggy and pushed my dick from behind. I caught her hairs and pulled

back hard. She shouted aaaaaahhhhh… slow.. what are you doing? I was not listening her. I was just stroking hard and pulling hair hairs…. She was enjoying this wild fucking and moaning aaaaahhh… I was about to cum. I asked – i am cumming. Where i should release? She said – drop it inside. I had protection inside. i increased my speed and dropped my all cum inside her pussy. She was moaning aahhaah.. ahahah feeling my hot cum.I fall on bed and she came over me. She kept her face on my chest and kissed my chest and nipple and lick them

hards. My dick started raising again. She saw that and smile. She went to bath and started taking shower. I approached her and fucked her one more time in bathroom. Now friends, its my routine, after jogging i go to her house. Fucked her and then come back to home. Do you have any fucking aunty like her?
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