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Bhabhi taking a callboy cock in her pussy Bhabhi banged in doggy Callboy ne bhabhi ko sex ka sukh diya Hello friends, I am 21 years old and I am 5.11 fit tall. I am a callboy. I am well built and can satisfy any female. This story is between me and one of my client. She had good sex life with her husband but she got bore. She just did with me to experiment to spice up her life. It is like you go out for food ones in a month after getting bore with home food. Friends, let me not bore you anymore and come to the story. As I told you that Iam a

callboy. I find my most of clients on social websites. One day i was talking to one of my client on chatting. She was in Kolkata. She told me that She had given my email id to one her friend. I asked her when she had given my email id to her. She said – last evening. I asked her, let me check my email id. Lets talk later. I had checked my email id. There was a mail from her friend. I read and replied on mail. I asked her to come tomorrow and told time for chatting. Next day, when i switched on my computer, i checked. She had already sent

mail. I replied her. She was online and was waiting for me. She said – Hello. I had asked – who are you? She said – I am 25 years old married female. I said – ok. and also asked – what can i do for you? She – said – you already know. I said – hmm, I didn’t get you? She said – i feel shy. Then, I said – please don’t worry. Whatever we talked here. It will be just between you and me. She said – i want to do fun with you. I said – fun. Means? She said – you are really fast. You made me shameless in our very first

talk. i started laughing. She said – i just wanted to have sex with you. I smiled and said – ok. I said – when and where do you want meet? She said – I don’t know you. Then, i said – first you tell me about you and where do you live? She said – my name is Sanjana and I reside on salk lake. I also asked about her family. She said – she and only her husband at her home. Then, I said – thats wonderful. Then, we can we meet at your home only. She said – no no. I am scared to meet at home. Then i asked – please tell me,

where can we meet? She said – we can meet in Hotel. I said – house is much safer than any hotel. Then she said – ok. My husband is going out for business work on next Wednesday. Give me your phone number. I will call and confirm. I had shared my phone number with her. She said thank you and been offline. Next Wednesday morning she called me up. Her voice was really sexy and very sweet. Her accent was showing that she must be very hot. She said – my husband will leave around o’clock. You can come after that. She had given her

address. I had reached on 1 o’clock and rang the doorbell. She opened the door. What a beautiful lady she was! 5.7 fit tall, well bottle shaped body.. Awesome sexy babe. I just forgot myself in her beauty. She asked – whom you wish to see? I said – Sanjana? She nobbed her head in yes. I said – I am Arun. She was happy seeing me and welcomed me warmly. She asked me to sit on sofe and went in kitchen. I was in saree and it was tied below her neval. She was wearing backless blouse and her ass was moving when was walking. She came back

with water and asked – did you find problem seeing address? I said – no. She smiled and asked – what would you like to drink tea, coffee, cold drink or anything else? I smiled and said – na na. I just want to drink you. She smiled and closed her eyes. She had presented her red lips and said – drink it. These are yours. I kept my lips on her lips. It was so hot. I was smooching her. We had lip locked and doing french kiss. I started touching her body. My hands was touching her neck, back and also kept my other hand on her lap. She

was so smooth and soft like butter. We were kissing passionately. After kissing 10 minutes, she pulled her back and said – not here. Let’s go to bedroom. She was going ahead. As we been in bedroom, i hugged her from behind. It was so tight, she just moaning aaaaaaa…. I didn’t made any delay and started kissing on her body. I kissed on her neck, on her shoulder. I had bitten on her ear. She moaning in sexual pleasure ahahah ahahah hahah. She was turned on. She turned arround and kept her face in my chest. She hugged me tight. I kept

my hands on her hips and was pressing slowly and gently. Then, I took her face in my hands and started kissing on her lips. I had taken her boobs in my hands and started pressing it hard. Opps… What were the awesome boobs she had! so soft, so rounded. I was pulling her tits from over her blouse and was pressing her boobs hard. She was moaning ahah ahah ahah ahah.. aahahah.. hmmm… I had removed her saree and removed her blouse too. I then unhooked her bra. Wow, her boobs were fair like milk and her little brown tits made me really horny.

I had taken those in my hands and then was pressing them hard. Then, i had taken down my hand down and kept my hand on her pussy from over her petticoat. Hmmm.. it was so wet. I rubbed her pussy for some time. I hugged me tight and lost herself in my arms. Then, She was only in panty in front of my eyes. She was looking like a beautiful momento for me. I kissed Sanjana from lips to her toe. She was opening with me every kiss. She then eagerly said – dear, i can’t wait anymore. Please don’t delay now. I am really thirsty. Please… She

made me nude in less than minutes. She sat on her knee. She was enjoying my body by touching with her hands. Then, she took my dick in her hand and pressed it. She had then taken my dick in her mouth and started sucking it like lollypop. Friends, it was true that i was also enjoying. I was a callboy but she was giving me enjoying me. My dick was pumping hard. She had given the best blowjob which i ever had. Then i had pulled up and removed her panty. I made her slept on her bed and started hunting her boobs. I had taken her boobs in my hands

and started pressing hard. She was so hot and awesome sexy. Whenever, i was licking her with my tongue, she was moaning ahah. ahaha and she was sounding so great ahah ahaha ahaha… hmmmm… she was getting mad. Her body was shaking too much. Then, she started pulling my hairs. She was trying to pull me above. Then, i kept my tongue on her navel. She really went mad and pushed me head on her body. She was saying – please fuck me now. Please fuck me. I can’t control anymore. I was enjoying seeing this stats. She was moaning mmmmm…

ahahahaha… ahahah… yes… and pressing my head and pulling my hairs. This was the right time, to reach to her pussy. I went litte down and started licking her clit. She was now really crazy. She was trying me push me back. Her legs was on my chest and was pressing them hard to push me back. But, I had caught her things very tight. I was licking her clit so well. She was so wet. She was begging me now… Please fuck me.. please fuck me hard now. I had licked her clit and the sucked her pussy. I had pushed my tongue inside her pussy and

fucked her with my tongue. She had cum two times just in 5 minutes. I was thinking that she had not fucked since long. The, she caught my dick and started rubbing on her pussy. I got to know that she can’t bare me anymore and now wanted my dick in her pussy. I sat my dick on her pussy and stroked. Her was wet, so my dick entered more than half in my first stroke. She started shouting aaaaa.. ooo… She hugged me tight. In my second stroke, my entire dick was inside her pussy. I was pushing my butts hard and fucking her hard. She was also

pushing her butts back to take my dick deeper. She had cum alot. She had cum 3 more time and now her body was tired and calmed. I pulled my dick out and started pressing it in her mouth. In three to four strong shot, i had released my all cum inside her mouth. She pulled my dick out and spit all cum on floor. Then, we fall on bed and slept naked for time. Then, we got and i fucked her one more time. This i had released my cum inside her pussy. She told me that she had taken tablets when i was sleeping. I asked – did you enjoy? She said –

yes. I asked – Is your sex life is not good? She said – it is not like that. Her sex life good and she love her husband very much. She told me that she got bore fucking in same position every time. Her husband don’t do experiment. I just wanted to do something different. Then, we went to bathroom and taken bath together. She said – i enjoyed alot with you but i will do it again. She paid me good and i came back. I never tried to contact her again nor she. It was really good time which I had spent with Sanjana. Friend did you like

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