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My gay fantasies

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Sucksex My gay fantasies FACEBOOK GOOGLE+ Indian gay sex story of wild fantasies My gay fantasy Meri gay fantasies jab zinda ho gai Hello friend my name is Ankit. I am an IT professional and a sex addict. Believe me, my dick size is about 9 inch and rounded, think and long. But problem is It love to go inside asshole not in pussies. Yes friends, I am a gay. Gay means gay not bi. I am not very keen for girls. Even thought i am a married person and I have two kids. These two kids are mine but when matter of enjoyment of sex life. My

wife fucks me well. But, we had discussion that she can enjoy with person as i am not in believe that she must be sitting ay home and compromise. We always try to find a bi person. So that, we both can enjoy. She can enjoy the person dick and i can with his asshole. If you are bi and love to fuck my wife and same time wish to get fucked with my dick, write us. We are waiting for you. We are in Bangalore and looking for local persons. So friends, Let me not bore you anymore. I am big fan of this sex story website and love to share how i got

to know about my gay fantasies. I was in hostel that time and i roommate was a sports person. He was also a gay and he started doing sex when he was 14. He loved take dicks on his asshole. I had not such kind of thoughts in my mind. I always be in underwear and baniyan in room. My dick is big so there always some part shown. I never noticed that he loved to see that and he tried to touch it and press it. But that night, when he came to bed and took my dick in his hands. That horny night, i came to know that my dick also love male asshole. It

was winters and that night was so coldy. We were not allowed to have room heaters in hostel. We had taken 2 -3 blankets but still we were feeling cold. Suddenly I felt that he came in my bed and hugged me tight. He was pressing his dick on butts. I was feeling good and her touch was warm. I was feeling really good and my dick was hard instantly. My 9 inch was pumping in underwear. He had taken my dick in her hands and starting pressing it. He was kissing on my neck and shoulders. Hmmm… I can’t tell you friends, how sexy that moment was?

He was doing so well that many women don’t do. He was not in such people who just have sex. He know how to enjoy sex. He was licking me. His tongue was all over on my back and licking fast. I was out of control and my dick was pumping so well. He was pressing my dick tip and was doing my masturbation. My dick was precum and i was feeling that I could come anytime. It was uncontrollable for me now. I turned up and took his face in my hands. I put my lips on his lips and started kissing him. We both were smooching so hard and fast. hmmm…

our both were moaning in pleasure hm… hmmmm… wow…. We were not in our control. He was pressing my dick. I touched his it. It was so small. must 2 or 3 inch. He took my hands and put on his butts. I understood that he is a bottom and love to get fucked. He now been down and took my dick in his mouth. He was kissing my dick tip and then took inside in her mouth… Wow friend… That day, he made me really mad. He had given me sexy blowjob. He sucked my dick so well that I released my cum inside his mouth. I drunk all cum and then started

licking my balls and asshole. He made me hard in 10 minute again. I didn’t wanted any more delays and I turned him down and came over him. I started rubbing my dick on her assline and asshole. It was really tight. I tried to push my dick in her asshole. It was not entering. Then, i took lots of body lotion and applied on my dick and his asshole too. Now, both part were wet and I tried again. My dick went inside with my hard speed stroke. He started shouting but he kept his hands on his mouth. Then, He started shaking his butts. I pushed

one my time, and my almost 2 more inch went inside. He was feeling pain and was moaning hard hhhhh… aaaaaaaaaa…. aa….. yours is big… It filled my asshole completely…. So bigggggggggg…. I was become so horny and then I pushed again and this time my dick was deep in his asshole. He was shaken his ass with and given pillow inside her mouth. Then, I little bent and caught her shoulder and started fucking him. I was fucking his asshole as I was riding a horse… So wonder… It was so hot. I fucked his asshole about 30 minutes and

then i was about to cum. I had increased my speed and released my all cum inside. His asshole was filled by warm cum and I could see pain on his face. His ass turned into red. I took our my dick out. He turned and hugged my tight. He was kissing on my chest. He came over my body and was licking and sucking my dick. I was wondering that my dick was so hot that night and started pumping againg. Seeing this, his eyes also were twinkling and he sat in my dick. He put his asshole on my dick and pushed it down. This time, my dick went inside

easily as his asshole was all open now. We enjoy that night having sex 3 times. Now then, it was our daily night routine to have sex. He got married now and me too. But, Whenever we meet, we have sex now. My wife knows this and his wife too. So friends, this is story of my first gay sex. Please send your comments telling me, how you like it? I am in open offer, if you would like to fuck my wife and allow me to fuck your asshole, please write me back…
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