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Hard fucking of a virgin teen girl

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, My name is Bipin and I reside in Chennai. I am here for my job and I have take a room on rent. My landlord has two daughters. Elder one is in college and younger one is educating in school. It happened in last march month when most of the school and college conduct their exams. One day. My uncle, I mean my landlord’s wife who is my landlady’s mother was hospitalised. Uncle and aunty both went to her place to see her. They were in hurry and asked to take care their daughters. I said ok and went to work. When i came back to

home from work. I saw the younger one was with some boy at the back side of house. I stood there and was seeing them. They were talking to each other. But, after some time they started kissing each other and boy was pressing her boobs. I was surprised but i went to my room. I was feeling really horny and i masturbate on her name. When she came to give me dinner, I asked her to sit with me. When she sat, i stood and bolt the door. She was scared and asked – what were i doing? I went to her and started kissing her. She was pushing me back

and getting annoyed – what are you doing? I will tell all this to aai – baba. I slapped her hard and said – you can enjoy with someone else? Then, why are not allowing me to kiss you? I pushed her on wall and said – i saw you with that boy. You were kissing him and she was pressing your boobs. You were moaning and enjoying. Let me do, whatever i am doing. Otherwise i will tell about all this to your sister. I was seeing me with scary eyes. She was seeing me and standing keep quite. I took her in my arms and pushed her on bed. I kept my

lips on her lips and started kissing her. She was resisting and trying to go out from my grip but I caught her tight and she was not able to get rid from my grip. She was moaning in pleasure hmmm… hmmm… ahah ahah… I started pressing her boobs. She was hot now. She was pulling my hairs now. I had removed her top and untied her bra hook. I was kissing her boobs from over her bra. She was also excited by now and came in mood of fucking. I had removed her bra and started pressing her boobs. I had taken her small nipples in my mouth and

started sucking madly. She was moaning and shaking her body. aaaa haha ahah ahh ahah ahah.. ahaha… I was pressing and sucking boobs so awesome that she started pulling my hairs hards. I did same for sometime and then i pulled up her skirt and tied on above her legs. I was touching her panty. Her panty was all wet and smelling awesome. I had removed her panty and seen that she had clean shaved cunt. It was looking like she had shaved it today morning only. I had kept my tongue on her cunt and started licking it. She was been so eager and

hot and started scratching my body. She was moaning in sexy sound ahah ahah ahah ahah and was pushing my head in her cunt.. I was licking her pussy hard and she was moaning in pleasure. She got cum in few minute and then she pulled me up and was kissing me passionately. Our lips were licking her each other lips and we wanted have sex one more time. I was sooo hot and horny now. I started sucking her boobs again and then i had given massage to my dick and opened her legs. She was saying no but i had ignored her. I said – you will enjoy

baby. I kept my dick on her cunt and rubbed on her cunt. She pushed her nails in my body and begging to fuck her cunt now. I stroked and pushed my almost half dick in my very first stroke. She started shouting. I was scared and shut her mouth immediately. Then, i stroked my full dick inside her pussy. I was stroking hard without any break. She was weeping and crying. She had tears in her eyes but i was not listening or seeing. But, when she was relaxed, she started enjoying her pussy fucking. I was playing her with her cunt and fucking her cunt

so hard. She was so hot and feeling horny now. She was enjoying the sex now and started supporting me. She started moving her butts with my every stroke. I got to know that she started enjoying the sex now. I had removed my hand from her mouth and stroking her. She was moaning in pleasure ahha aha ahah ahah.. ahahah. Entire room was full with her sexy moan sound and it was keep motivating me to fuck her hard. She caught my legs and hugged me tight. I fucked her almost 20 minutes and then, she started pushing her butts hard. She got cum in

few minutes. I was also about to cum and stroking hard. I had released my all cum inside her pussy in few strokes. We both were tired and she came over me and her pussy was touching on my sleeping dick. I was enjoying her warm body and she was kissing on my chest. She suddenly stood and said – i have to go now. Otherwise, my sister will come. She was trying to walk fast but was not able to walk due to pain in her cunt. After then, i fucked her almost every night by the time her parent came back. I also fucked her elder sister but that story,

i will share with some other day. So friend, i believe that most of my friend have same kind experience. Please do share with us. So that everyone can enjoy the same.
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