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Kamwali gave me dick massage

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

It happened almost 2 years before when i was residing in Ghaziabad. I had taken 2 room house in Kishanpura area. I was medical representative. I used to care of condom category of my company. I used to get lots of condom as free samples for medical stores and public too. I love to see porn movies since long time. I was doing masturbation since i was 18. I dick is been 7 inch long and 2.5 inch thick now. I love to spit on my dick and love to do masturbation. You try with your dick. Spit on it and then masturbate. You will enjoy. But, it is

really pleasure to do masturbate by self or dick erection by someone else. I also enjoyed when my dick was erected by my maid Sheela. Sheela was a mature lady and was over 50. I didn’t interested in fucking her. Thats why i just asked her to play with my dick and asked to suck my dick. That day, our company had launched strawberry favoured condom. I had distributed 100 – 200 condoms to people in sample. I knew that night people will fuck their wives, girlfriends or prostitutes with new strawberry condoms. I believed they will love the

favour and taste. I was not married and also didn’t had girlfriend. Even, i couldn’t afford call girl or prostitute that time. I could only play with my hands. I came in afternoon by 4 o’clock. I had changed my clothes and pulled out some new strawberry favoured condom. I thought, where so many males will enjoy this new condom; why should not i also do enjoy with it. I had been nude and just put on the condom on my dick and covered up. Suddenly, Sheela came inside room. She always have duplicate key of my house. So, she came inside with

her key. She came inside and saw me nude. She saw, i had covered my dick with pink condom. She was smiling and laughing. But, i was so horny and hot. I asked – Sheela, come. If you will suck my dick. I will give you 200 rupees. She saw me with anger and said annoyedly – hmm… I don’t like to suck. I never did suck my husband dick even. I saw, she was in anger. I again said – ok. Then, if you ok can masturbate with your hands. I am really horny today. She smiled and came close to me. She saw my dick which was hidden in condom

and guessed the length and width of my dick. As she kept her hand on my dick. I felt 440 volt current was flowing in my body. I was feeling as my body was burning in my fire. I also could see the old mature boob’s shape from her blouse neck. She had tighten my dick between her hands and then started pumping it. I wore a condom and it was lubricated well, so i was feeling little tickling. But, Sheela was doing my masturbation awesome. Now, Sheela had increased her speed of hands for pumping my dick. I was feeling current in entire body and my

ass was shaking. I had kept my hand on her boobs. She said – no babu ji, I will not remove my clothes. I smiled and said – Sheela, don;t worry. I don’t want to fuck you. Just allow me to touch your boobs and private part. Else, I will not do anything. She was agree and she adjusted her hand and now, way was clear for me to her boobs. I started pressing her oldee boobs from over her blouse. Sheela boobs were so old and it had become really flat. I was feeling like i was pressing some soft rubber ball. She boobs were big but it was

look like hollow from inside. I mean, really empty.. nothing inside. But, I was think, she was so hot and beauty queen when she was young. Now, Sheela was pumping my dick hard and i was enjoying the touch of her hands I also started pressing her boobs hard. Now, strawberry flavour fragrance was in entire room. I had closed my eyes and was thinking about Sheela’s beauty when she was young. I was imaging a hot and really sexy woman. My dick started jumping more passionately and was very eager now for fucking. Sheela was also pressing my dick

hard and her hands were moving very fast. I was moving my butts and moaning in pleasure. My moaning sound was in entire room ahha ahah ahah ahah ahah… ahaha. Sheela was seeing my face and was smiling and was giving massage with awesome sexy speed. I was never given that much sexy massage to my dick and it was really very different experience and i was feeling really horny and happy. I never thought that my old maid could give me so much of fun with out fucking her. She was really good with her hands and i am sure can give best blowjob to

dicks. If you ever get opportunity to get blowjob from some old woman. Never leave that chance. She can give your life time experience. I was about to cum now. And in 2 minutes, My dick had released all cum. My dick top was full of my cum liquid and then Sheela started pulling out the condom from my dick. As she removed the condom from my dick. The rest cum which was still inside my dick was coming out. I was really feeling good. I was happy and satisfied now. I had given condom to Sheela and asked to throw away somewhere. I now had given

200 rupees as i promised to her. Sheela was also happy as she made rupees 200 when she do work for a week in a home. I was also happy that i never felt that awesome experience by myself in masturbation. Now, I had plan to have complete massage from Sheela. She is old but her hands give awesome blowjob and sexy massage to body and dick.
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