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Sexy cousin ne mera lund hila ke diya

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hey friends, this is Dil Bhalla from lovely city of Amritsar. I am 29 years of age and with charming character and working as an construction engineer in a reputed firm here itself. I am a sex maniac and I love to have hardcore sex with girls and aunties. Today I am narrating a sex encounter with my sexy cousin Dolly who is a busty Punjabi babe. Dolly is married and she is working as a nurse in private hospital. And she looks just like those nurses shown in porn movies. Exactly, big boobs and nice fat ass! Dolly is married to a banker in

Jalandhar but she has stayed back in Amritsar only for her job. Her husband stays off in weekend and those 2 days he comes to stay with Dolly. To be frank I was not dying to have sex with my sexy cousin. In fact I was happy with my office girls and a whore bhabhi I knew. But Dolly started calling me to help herself in some works. First she asked me to arrange for a plumber, then she asked me to get an electrician. Apart from that she started requesting me to give her lift to malls for shopping and all. And this made me think like a crafty

mind. And as she was kind of horny and sexy I started having sex thoughts for her. Dolly started coming closer to me and she often forced me to stay back and have drink with her. My cousin is kind of modern babe who does not mind smoking and drinking. While having drink with me she told me that her husband was kind of timid when it came to bedroom and she missed that wildness from his side. It tickled me from within and I sensed her sex pain. But I did not want to go fast on my sexy cousin. I knew today or tomorrow she will be mine. Dolly

often placed her hands on my thighs accidently as well as deliberately. It gave me hardon at times.. Dolly often waited for me to get over drunk and my craft mind read it all the times. It was a sunny tuesday, I was still in my office. Around 3pm I got call from Dolly. She wanted to do some shopping and requested me to pick her straight after my office hours. She said me that she will cook chicken for me for dinner as well. I picked her about 6pm and she bought some lingerie and perfumes for her. While shopping the lingerie she asked me for

color and all. We both agreed that pink color was best suited for her. After the shopping was done we drew to home. She had prepped chicken already and it did not take much to be cooked. She prepared table with cooked food and cold whiskey. I ate only few bites and started to drink. My sexy cousin poured large pegs for me today. And after about 3 pegs myself and 2 for her we started to get lusty in our talks. Dolly was much more bold today and she started opening more about her sex life to me. She called her husband as a timid rat who is

ashamed of her own wife. And while talking all this she placed her right hand on mu thighs. My dick was semi erected at that time. I don’t know what was on Dolly’s mind at that time but she simply reached to my crouch and pinched it between 3 of her fingers. I was kind of shocked and looked at her. But she was not looking me at all. Instead her eyes were on my dick area only and she has now took it nicely in her fist. I did not tell but my dick is around 7 inches long and nice thick in girth. She started to play with it and my dick got

its full capacity in no time. Dolly now reached to my zip and slowly undid it. Her hand went inside and she swiftly took my dick out. That black anaconda was shaking and waited to be loved. And Dolly understood what a dick wants from a woman. She opened her mouth and started to give me a nice blowjob. Her lips were sucking my dick so nicely that I felt I was over the moon. Dolly had placed nice grip of her fingers while sucking on my cock. Dolly paused for a second and took out my dick from her mouth. She slowly started to rub my dick. She

now looked at me and asked, do you like it Dil? I moaned and said, yesssss baby, keep on doing it. Keep on stroking your brother’s dick my love. Dolly gave a cunning smile and now she again placed my dick in her mouth. Dolly now placed her hand on her cunt and she started to rub there. With her mouth; the blowjob action was still on. I was feeling the blood rushing towards my cock and that was getting hotter compared to remaining body. And my cum was almost there on the tip of my dick. Dolly kept on sucking and stroking my dick. And

you know, it can’t last longer that way! Same thing happened with me. My dick started to liberate the cum juices and few drops went in Dolly’s mouth and remaining stuck on her fingers. My sexy cousin licked her fingers and cleaned all my cum drops from her body. She now stood up and we cleaned ourselves. She was about to leave the room but I stood and stopped her. I said, darling this was just the beginning and the main film is not over yet. Dolly answered, yes bro I am just going to wear that pink lingerie for our pleasure filled

night! What happened next? You can read in my sex encounter with cousin in next part of the story!
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