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A Night With My Married Ex-Girlfriend

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

After reading a lot of sex stories and hearing people say that women shout obscenities and moan harder than a cow when having sex was unbelievable for me until I had this experience which I am going to talk about now. My name is Shankar, I am a south Indian by birth and started living in a metro city while studying and later working. During my stay I have had the privilege to date some women. Should I say my luck or something have always got some Punjabi chick falling for me. Like this I have met one of girlfriend, a Punjabi chick named

Navpreet. She was elder than me but we didn’t think it would be a problem until she started forcing me for marriage and I wasn’t ready for it. So we broke up because she wanted to get married and settle down. We stayed in touch on-off but never met face to face after we broke up. Now without wasting your time I will come to the story, it so happened that one of the times we were on talking I asked her if she wanted to taste come cocktails which I was learning to make from a bartender friend of mine. She said, she would love to and I

invited her over to my place for some cocktails jamming session and some good chicken also prepared by me (yah..yah.. I make good chicken too.. But only chicken). She came over a Saturday to my place in the morning around 11AM and I started making cocktails for her and me and also cooking the lunch. We started talking about like in general and how it used to be when we dated and how it is to be married and all. After a few rum cocktails, I made some vodka cocktails and because of mixing the drinks it started hitting us. As we continued

talking, the topic hit to her husband. She became a little bit emotional on the subject and started talking about him that he doesn’t care about her and they always fight and so on and so forth and started crying. Just to console her I took her in my arms and wiped her tears and started kissing her forehead and trying to calm her. Then it suddenly happened, me looking in to her wet eyes and everything we had flashed in front of our eyes. She told me she really loved and at one point in her life she thought she will settle down with me and

have a family. She even told me she still dreams of me in the night. I was also high because of the cocktails and we just started kissing here and there but not on lips. Then finally it dawned on us that we actually loved each other and I pressed my lips on to hers and we started smooching heavily. I kissed her for a long time and didn’t know about the time when it was flying away. The clock hit 3PM and she had another 2 hours to go home. Things started going buzz in my head and my body started to tingle. I started kissing her again and

started feeling each other’s body over our clothes. As the heat started to rise I wanted to feel her bear skin and I moved my hands inside her kurta to feel her skin. After the heat in our bodies started hitting to the next level I removed her kurta over her head and started kissing her again. I removed my T-shirt so that I can feel her skin against mine. As we were kissing I went down from her lips to her neck and started sucking her neck and giving love bites in between. She started moaning slightly now. I was kissing her boobs which

were tightly packed in her bra. I started opening her bra hook and removed her bra. Her boobs were still in the same shape as I have last seen. I am not a boob expert but 34 is pretty big though not huge, and I always loved her white and pink nipples. I started sucking her nipples and they started pointing out as they used to always. I started sucking and biting them lightly sometimes and pressing her other boob while sucking one. The new thing for me was she started moaning heavily making sounds in a higher pitch each time. I was a little

frightened now because we were still sitting in my living area on my sofa and the door to the staircase corridor is just a few feet away. I was frightened that somebody passing might hear us. But I just thought let them hear and enjoy it. As I was sucking her boobs, I laid her down on the sofa. Believe me I have nailed enough women on that sofa and it can take it. I moved over her and kept alternating between her boobs, neck and lips. After some time I thought it’s time move further down. I moved to her navel and wow she got a little fat

and developed an awesome navel, so deep and full. I kept kissing her navel and started removing her bottoms and panties in one go. She showed a little resistance at this point and eventually she gave it, as I didn’t want to lose my chance to make love to her. I didn’t remove her bottoms completely and only to the point where I could savor her pussy. It was lightly trimmed as always with just the right amount of hair. I started kissing her vertical lips after taking her legs over my shoulders. At this point I heard the loudest moan ever.

She started shouting like “uhhuhuhuhuhuhhuuhhuuuhhhh” . I didn’t know it was my technique or the pent up sexual heat in her. I later learnt that her husband didn’t touch her for the past 3-4 months. I started inserting my tongue into her and also inserted my middle finder to take her to the pedestal. As I was sucking away, she started juicing up and her juices started trickling down making my sofa slightly wet. Within a few minutes she gave another loud moan and had a wild orgasm. I tried my best drinking as much as I can. After this,

while she was in the bliss of her orgasm I thought it was time to nail the last in the coffin. Yah.. it should be a coffin unopened and unexplored for 3-4 months. Without getting up from her, I started removing my jeans and underwear while I kept on kissing her over her lips and sucking her nipples some times. When I finally removed my remaining clothes I also pulled her bottoms and panty which were still stuck in her legs. Now we were completely nude and it’s time. I kept the tip of my penis at the opening of her pussy and started to rub

in a little trying to get her excited once again. But to my luck she is already excited. She placed her hands on my bum and started pushing me towards her. As it happened, my penis started entering her vagina. She was still tight believe me. As I was in to the hilt I heard her moan slightly again. I started my to and fro motions slowly just to last as long as I can. As I kept banging her slowly her moans reached to a pitch which can be heard by everybody in the building I think. Her vagina was fully wet and was oozing her juices. She was

moaning with pleasure and then I heard the sounds which I never heard coming from any girl or thought would come from her. Her eyes were closed. She was moving her hips in the upward motion to meet my push in’s. She was talking and I would say pretty loudly insulting her husband and expressing her love for me. After a few minutes, I felt cum rising in me and felt like I am about to come. I thought of warning her but I so wanted to cum in her. So I slowed down a little bit so that I can come with her. As the fever reached its crescendo, she

started telling me to increase the speed as she was about to come. I increased the speed to the best I can and started thrusting her as hard as I can and then it happened and we came together for mutually satisfying orgasms and I came in her. I lay on her for a while and savored the moment for a while. As I started getting up, she asked me to be on her a while more. After we got up we saw the time it was 445PM. We started dressing up and sat together for a while kissing and hugging. On the way back to her place of my bike she hugged me

closer. I dropped her home and came back. We continued our affair for a while and had sex at the opportunities we had. We had to break it up as her husband started doubting her when he checked her phone bill once. Now she has a beautiful baby and settled in life. I was heartbroken for a while after our break up again. But then it’s time to move on. This is me signing off now, will try and come up with something again till then bye. Well as everybody says, I am male, 30ys old and still single and living in Mumbai. If any women want to meet up

for casual sex or even long term can mail me through the contact the author box below. I would be happy to serve you. Punjabi women are most welcome as I love them.
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