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Biwi ne padosi ka desi lund liya

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends my name is Vinay Yadav and I am from Chhara bihar. I am an employee of state electricity board and my wife’s name is Janki. She is basically a Gujju girl with whom I had love marriage. And because of this love marriage only I had to leave my parents house. Till last year things were fine but since last one year my and Janki’s relationship has gone bitter. I did not say her about that night at all. The night I spotted her having sex with our neighbor Kishorilal. But I could not erase those hardcore scenes either. My wife was

begging him to fuck her harder and this filthy looking man was pushing his desi lund in my wife’s pussy like a robot. Let me tell you this life changing incident in detail here. My night shifts were on and work load was piling due to Deewali festival being round the corner. But that night I was not feeling well. I spoke to my supervisor Anant sir and he allowed me to leave for the day. I was happy that I will be able to sleep nicely with proper rest. I took my luna and drove towards my home. When I reached my home it was already 12:20

am. The roads were deserted and there were no people, vehicles on the road. I parked my luna in basement and took the lift to my floor. I live on 6th floor of this multi-storey building. I reached on my floor and opened main door with my key. Our bedroom is last room in the corner and I did not want to disturb my wife so I made least sound while opening the door. I entered in and those male footwear in the hall were in my sight. I knew those were not mine and my wife did not call me for any guest coming in that night. This made me suspicious

and I slowly walked towards the bedroom. I could hear Janki smile slowly in the room. And there was definitely some male in there too, as I heard two distinct smiles coming from the room. I was horrified and tensed at the same time. My heart was beating like horse running in the race. The perspiration drops also rolled on my face which I cleaned with my handkerchief. I thought for a second that I should knock the door, but then they would go defensive. So I thought of watching the full drama going in. I put my phone on silent mode and walked

towards the store room. Store room is adjacent to my bedroom and there is a hole in store room which can show full picture of bedroom. I placed my eyes on that hole and I saw Kishorilal lying naked on my bed with my wife. So this fucking mature uncle is using my wife! What did my wife saw in him? I was much stronger and younger to him. How did she forget that it was our love marriage and we were also planning for a baby. I was on verge of crying seeing her in this position. Kishorilal: Did you like that necklace or not? Janki: yes it is

good, but you promised me much heavier than you gave me. Kishorilal: I know darling, but season is slack now a days. Don’t worry I will get you one by the end of June. So, that was secret behind that gold necklace and Janki had told me that she borrowed it from her sister. Fucking lying bitch! Kishorilal placed his hands on Janki’s boobs now and started to fondle them. And they were still talking. Janki: You know I had so many dreams for my life when me and Vinay got married. But he proved to be stingy after marriage and did not

bring me anything like what you bring me darling. Kishorilal: Yes, I know how precious you are my love. Come on now you did not let me mouth fuck last time as well. Janki: you are so stubborn. They both smiled and Kishorilal put his desi lund near Janki’s mouth now. She took it in her mouth and started to suck it. Kishorilal placed both her hands on Janki’s head and he started to fuck her mouth vigorously. My sexy wife was brutally face fucked in front of my eyes only. Gaaggggg ggghhhhh ghhhhhhhh, sound started to come from her

mouth as that desi lund was making its way in and out. Janki looked like some cheap whore as she was sucking that cock. That dick was same size as me but bit wider in girth. But Janki was well adjusted to that thick dick as well. Kishorilal fac fucked her for 2 minutes and then he took out. Janki spat a lot on his cock and then she parted her legs in bed. Kishorilal jumped on her and started to lick her cunt. He pushed his tongue deep inside her pussy hole and started to make slurp sound and gestured. Janki pushed his head on her cunt and

she was moaning a lot. Kishorilal looked like a natural pussy eater. He cleaned entire pussy with his tongue and then gave Janki pleasure with slurping entire area inch by inch. Janki was moaning with pleasure and then she begged him to fuck her. Kishorilal took out a condom and he rolled it down his dick’s length. Janki lifted her legs and Kishori helped her putting them on his shoulders. Now he placed his latex covered cock on my wife’s pussy and started fucking her. Janki was moaning and shaking her ass. That desi lund was travelling

in length of her pussy without any obstacle. I was so helpless and feeling guilty of marrying such a bitch . The bitch who sold my trust for that yellow metal. Kishori fucked her in 2 positions and when he was about to cum he took out condom. He made Janki drink all him cum. After completing sex they both slept in our bed like husband and wife only. I watched entire sex act and then went back to my work. I was not feeling well still I finished my full shift. Next week itself I installed a CCTV camera in our house. I did not tell Janki

anything but I made sure that pig does not come and rot my wife anymore. I also requested my work people not to give me night shift for personal reasons and they have considered it. But you know still I don’t trust Janki like earlier. Every time she tries to arouse me, I see her being fucked by Kishorilal!
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