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Enjoyed Kerala Girl Neethu In Cochin

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

This is the story of me and my girlfriend enjoyed in a friends room on the way from Ernakulam to kottayam. My name is john from kerala.28 years from Trivandrum but now working in Ettumanur as a computer engineer. My girlfriend neethu is 20 years and beautiful girl with Boob size 34. She was working in Ernakulam and stays in kottayam. We met through a wrong call and became friends. She proposed me and I accepted it. Later we started phone sex in late nights and our relation become deeper. One day she told me to come to Ernakulam in her office

and to drop her home. I agreed because it wasn&the first time. I picked her from her office. In the way she told me that we are going to her friend’s house to take some papers whose family has gone outstation & keys are with her. We reached the house and went inside.It was raining outside and We talked for a while and then we saw a CD player lying over the TV. So I asked Neethu whether she want to see it or not. She replied “what is in it?” I said “Enikkariyilla venel onnu ittu nokkam”. So we played it. It started and after this we

both were silent because it was an XXX movie. I asked whether to stop or watch but she did not say anything. We watched it together for few minutes. I then felt a hand on my legs, I didn&say anything. Neethu whispered me in my ears ”Daa enikku entho pole thonnunnu..” She tuned the TV off and hugged me. She started to move her hands on my chest & legs. In few moments, my cock was hardened and she took my hands and put on her beautiful breast. I kissed her forhead and hugged her tight. Then we French kissed and I touched her breasts inside

the churidar & then inside her black bra. We were very much involved, I took her Churidar and bra off, while I was doing this, her hands found the way to my dick through my pants. Her tits were excellent & her nipples were very hard, she unbuttoned my pants and started to play with my erected dick. I pulled of my underwear and she started to stroke my hardened penis. I put my hands inside her Shalwar and started fingering her in her vagina. Meanwhile I squeezed her breasts and started sucking with nipples. Her boobs felt like sponge and her

erected nipples made my dick rock hard. Then she pushed her Shalwar down and threw her panties away. It was really a sight to watch. Her vagina was red and was feeling really hot and wet. I asked her that “are you virgin” she replied “yes” and she just stopped, so I understood what she wanted. I started fingering her virgin cunt and she was really enjoying finger fucking. At that time I can hear her voice “Ummm.. Ummmm…”. She Was biting her lips and pressing her boobs with one hand while the other pressed me for support. She was

loving it. She started to cum. but I never stopped. She said “Nalla sukhamundu” I asked “Vedana undo??” well I know she was a virgin but I told her that she will not feel it and I said “Akathu kettatte??” I will put my dick slowly. She refused and told not today coz we will have plenty of days ahead . She pushed me on the floor and kissed me. She came on top of me and bite my shoulder. She sucked my nipples and showed me heaven. It was an awesome feeling as my nipples are so sensitive. Then she put my dick in her hands. She pressed

it and then kissed at the top of it. She then opened her mouth and slowly put my dick inside. Though the length and width of my Dick made her uncomfortable first. But later with very slow force she gave me a nice blowjob. I gave some gentle strokes and she was enjoying… That was the first blowjob of my life. After some while I was about to eject i told her i am about to come.. She told to come in mouth. So I did that, she drank all and told it tastes good. I came to know later as She told me she done Blowjob earlier.She licked and cleaned the

dick .She kissed me in my lips and whispered in my ears… “Ennem koode pariganikkooo… onnu chappithada… sahikkan vayya” Saying this she made me on the floor and adjusted herself on my face. I was waiting for the moment to taste her. I teased her by kissing and licking the upper legs. She became impatient and forced my head to her pussy. I parted the vertical lips and I slowly started sucking her vagina while my hands pressed and squeezed her ass cheeks. The musky smell made me to go deeper and she was moaning ah……. ah……….

oh……. oh……… After some time she pulled my hair and came in my mouth. I licked her completely and kissed her belly. She gave a superb French kiss and told me “Ithrem sukham kittumennu vicharichilla. Swargam kandu”.We hugged each other nude for some more time and then dressed up and came back. We ride together in my bike and I dropped her home. On the way back to home she leaned on my shoulders and hugged me very tight to feel her love towards me. We have had so many incidents together like this. I will definitely share those

incidents after getting feedbacks from you. Now she is in a new relation and in Mumbai. She keeps in touch with me and always tells she enjoys my company and wants to be with me as a friend. I love her and miss her very much.I am lonely and in search of a company to share with. Any girls in Trivandrum, Kottayam and Ernakulam wants relationship with me can mail me at /* */ Please reply with your suggestions and feedbacks also at /* */
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