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A professor – student sex relationship

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, my name is Mayank. I am a professor and teaching in a university. I find that every young girl is beautiful in her way. I never seen any of my student with sexy eye. I always take them as my student but one girl who was not so sexy body.. very simple face was been close to my heart. The reason was her sexy voice and big ass. I had lost my heart over her sexy beautiful big rounded butts. I wanted to fuck her asshole anyhow. I started trying to get her. I always try to spend maximum time with her. She also liked my company and

felt happy with me. We were now be friends rather than professor – student relation. We had good difference in our age but we had feelings for each other. We had been friends. But, i was not doing all this only for friendship. I wanted to fuck her black asshole. But, I didn’t find a way to get my goal. One day, I had taken her for shopping and after shopping, we came to my home. Friends, we are only two member in my family. I am my wife. We are married for 9 years but we don’t have any kid. My wife never wanted kids, so our sex life is

almost zero. My wife was not at home that time. She went to her parent home. She had her sister marriage, so she supposed to stay there for 15 days. I was alone in my home. Roshini and I came to my home. Friends, Roshini was the name that girl whom i wanted to fuck. She didn’t knew that my wife was not at home and i am staying alone for sometime. She was little scary and moving slowly inside my home. Then i told her, my wife is not at home and she will be back after 15 days from her parent house. Then, she felt ok and came inside. She

hugged me. I was really surprised. I thought that i had to take initiate to make her hot but she was all ready and hugged me very tight. She was in some other mood that day. She was in my arms. I was also feeling good with her touch and hugged her really tight. Then, we kept bags in room and sat on sofa. We were chatting lovely and then i started sexy talks. She was hesitating first but she was opened and was talking sexy. She was asking about my sex life with my wife. I had told her everything. Then she told me that, she was aware about

sex since she was 12 and wanted to be fucked. She used to touch her pussy every night and enjoy fingering inside her cunt. But, now her fingers were not able to satisfy her urge for sex. She wanted a real dick which will satisfy her. I said, if your pussy wanted a dick, you can get mine. I was about to tell her that my dick was also thirsty since long time but she stopped me in between and said – if you dick love my pussy. You can fuck me. It was like i was getting in front of me. I was not able to tell her that i came close to her only

for her black pussy and asshole. But, I didn’t told her anything. I was removing my clothes without saying anything. She said – remove your all clothes. I want to see you full naked. You don’t dare to leave even a single cloth. I also been naked. Friends, i was not beautiful but her sexy boobs made me really horny. I attacked on her boobs like a hungry dog. I was sucking her boobs madly. I was sucking hard and was biting her boobs. Then, i said – Roshni, your boobs are so sexy. You pussy must be awesome sexy. I bent on my knees and

wanted to see her pussy. She opened her legs and shown me her pussy. I was starring her pussy and my tongue was really juicy. I was thinking that her pussy was so cuite and i will spoil her beauty today. Friends, her pussy was black but it was very hot. I had kept my hand on her black and had given sexy massage. She was moaning in pleasure ahah ahaha… Then, i had kept my dick on her pussy door and she was shaking her body in pleasure. She was moaning sexy aahh ahah ahah ahah… i was feeling really excited listening her sexy voice. I was

so horny and i started attacking her now. I was started fucking her like a bitch. I had not made any delay and pushed my entire dick inside her pussy. I felt little pain as her pussy was really tight. But i was stroking fast and pushing and my dick in and out. I was fucking her black pussy so hard. She was moaning in pleasure… She was getting fucked in pleasure and taking my dick in her pussy as she was thirsty since years. She was moving her butts and was riding my dick. She scratched my back with her nails. It was bleeding but i was

enjoying this pain and fucking her hard. Friends, I fucked for for 2 hours and pushed my dick fast and hard in her black pussy. I was about to cum. I asked, where to cum? She said – please don’t drop inside. Please pull out your dick out and fuck my boobs and release your cum over my boobs. But, i wanted to drop inside. So, i pushed hard and released my all cum inside her pussy. Then, i fucked her ass too. We had sex many time before she left to new city for her job. But, those sex encounters, i will share some other time. So friends,

please share your comments about my story. It was a normal sex experience but i was happy as i was thirsty since years due to my wife coldness and Roshni made me sexually satisfied man.
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