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I lost my virginity with my tuition teacher

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, Myself is Rajesh and I am 24 years old. I am from Chandigarh. I am very big friend of this website. I am ready sexy stories here on this website since long time. I never measure my dick size but my dick is so big that it can satisfy any female or lady. This is story is about me and my tuition teacher. I was in 12th class that time. My English is weak. My parent appointed a lady tuition teacher for me. Her name was Kanchan. I have changed her name due to safety reason. She used to do tailoring with teaching. She was married and

had 2 kids. One girl was almost 5 – 6 years and second was a boy of 1 year. Her husband used to drink a lot. She used to fight with her after drinking. We were neighbour and we used to hear their voices. Kanchan was so hot and very pretty. Her figure was 36 – 30 – 34. She used to teach boy and girls both. I was her neighbour, so she keep good attention to me. She didn’t wanted that her teaching will be questioned due to my poor performance in exams. Whenever she was used to cutting clothes, i used to see her boobs. Her boobs were so

hot and very sexy. I used to see her boobs whenever i get chance. One day, when i went to her home for tuition. She sent back everyone home and asked me to stay. She had some work that day. She asked me to do revision in bedroom. I went to her bedroom and doing the same as she did. After 10 – 15 minutes, her son awaked and was crying. He was hungry, i believe. She came in bedroom and took her sone in her arms. She was playing with him but he was hungry. Then, she sat on bed and took her one boob out and started feeding her kid. Wow… what

sexy boob and nipple. I was starring her boobs. She noticed me. My dick was also activated and erected. I was trying to make her down. She saw and got annoyed. She asked – what are you doing? I – nothing. Kanchan – you have touched your hand down. What happened? Show me? Why are you not studying? I – nothing here mam. Sorry mam. Kanchan – Hmm.. you don’t give attention to your studies now a days. I am seeing, you always look for something else. I have much work today but still i am teaching you. I – sorry

mam. Kanchan said – ok and asked me to keep attention on studies. I was studying but i was still starring her boobs again and again. She caught me. Kanchan – What are you seeing? I – nothing mam. Kanchan – look, you are kid. Do all this when will you grow up. Make your career first, then do all these. I was doing my study. Her kid was sleep and she went out and was doing her work. I was stilling thinking about her boobs. I was so hard and erected. I started rubbing my dick remembering about her boobs. Suddenly, she

came in room and saw me doing that. She shouted – what are you doing? I got scared. I was feeling embarrassed. I thought, she will tell everything to my parent. She came to me and caught my dick. She opened my zip and pulled out my dick out from my pant. She saw my dick and said – you have much grown up now. I was not able to understand her changed behaviour. As before, i say something; she took my dick in her mouth and was sucking it hard. I was feeling awesome. I was really enjoying. I was virgin by that time. I never done even a kiss to

anyone. Thats why, i didn’t control much and cum in 10 minutes only. She had taken my entire cum in her mouth. She then stood up and asked me to remove my clothes. I had removed my clothes and got nude. She also had been nude too. Wow… her boobs were super hot. I put my mouth on them and started sucking hard. She was playing with my hairs. She was pushing my head into her boobs. I was doing same as i had seen in blue films. After sometime, she asked me to suck her pussy. I never sucked any pussy before. As i went near to pussy, i smelled

strange. I was thinking about sucking it or not, she pushed my head into her pussy. I started licking her pussy with my tongue. She was moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahah… oooo… do fast… yes… Please do fast… suck it well. It long time. No one has touched it… yes please… she got cum in sometime. I had not licked her cum as i didn’t liked its taste. She said – fuck me now. I am really thirsty. Please fuck me. You uncle don’t touch me even. I am really horny. Please fuck me. He used to cum completely drunken and do fight

with me and sleep. He never respect my sexual urge. if he fuck me, he gets cum soon and i never been satisfy. I never did sex before. I was confused. I said – i don’t know how to do? I never did sex with anyone. She smiled and made me sleep on bed and came over me. She put her pussy on my dick and sat on it. She was jumping over my dick. Her pussy was going up and coming down on my dick. Wow… it was enjoyable.. I was feeling good. Then, i asked her to come down. I slept on her and pushed my dick inside her pussy. I fucked her in doggy

style do. She was moaning and i was enjoying her moaning sound. She was shouting – fuck me… fuck me hard… i am very thirsty… yes yes yes… fuck me fast… fuck me hard. She had cum 3 times by now. I was also about to cum. I had increased my speed of stroking. it was more than 30 minutes fucking her. Then i had dropped my all cum inside her pussy. You uncle has very small dick. She fucked me well for some time after our marriage but as he grown older, his fucking time and interesting is ruining. But, I am happy now. I got you and your

sexy big dick to make me and my pussy satisfy. She started sucking my dick again. I was erected again. I said – i want to fuck your asshole too. She said – no. I had not forced her and i fucked her pussy again. I had released my cum in her pusuxssy again. She then allow me to drink her milk from her boobs. She said – you will feel some weakness as it was your first time. Then i went to my house but whenever i get chance, i fuck her madly.
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