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Mera pahla Shemale chudai ka anubhaw

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, I am Mayank. I am 34 now and work in a MNC. I love to read and write sex stories. I am sharing one of my sex experience with you. It happened when i was 28 and got married. I used to fuck my wife almost every night. But, my sexual urge was never satisfied. I was looking for something more. I never realised what was i looking for? I had profile on some dating website and also do chat in open chat rooms. I had met with a shemale. I had fantasy for shemales but never got a chance to talk to them or had seen them in real. That

night I got a shemale id and i sent a message to her. I was lucky that she replied me. Her name was Roopa and she was young and was working in a MNC. We exchanged our number and i called her. Wow friends, you can’t imagine how beautiful her voice was. Her voice was very sweet and i was thinking that i was talking to a girl. She had given me address and told me her charge and then we asked to meet at her friend’s house. It was in between of my office way. So i had had office early and then reached to her friend’s home. After reaching

there, i had called her and she guided me to come to her friend’s door. I reached there, It was winter season and at 6 o’clock, it was resembling that it was midnight. No one was on road and i knocked the door. She took me inside from backdoor of house. I went inside and when i saw her. I was not able to believe on my eyes. She was not a shemale. She was a super hot sexy beautiful girl. Her figure was superb and beautiful. She was looking awesome hot. I was feeling horny and happy as i was just about to fuck such a beautiful girl. She

asked me money advance. We both sat on bed and she took my face in her hands and kissed me. I was not ready for this. But, she was in hurry and was acting like a call girl. She instantly kept her hand on my dick was started pressing it. I asked to touch her. She laughed and said – off course, you can touch me. I just kept my hand on her lower part. I wanted to know what she had? As i had my hand on her bottom, her dick came in my hand. I was surprised. I was in little doubt. She noticed my facial expression. She started removing her clothes.

She was naked in front of me. I was seeing her and she was smiling. She had beautiful female body with big rounded boobs but she had a 6 inch dick too. Her dick was hard enough also. I asked her whether you have sex with females? She smiled said – yes. But, I love to a girl only. Soon, i will get operated and I will get a vergina instead of a dick. She took my hand and kept on her dick and was doing her masturbation. She made me nude. My dick was not hard as i was surprised with all this. She took my dick in her hand and was pressing it

hard. She pulled my foreskin back and got the tip. She was now licking it hard. My dick was erected in her soft hands and wild touch of her tongue. I kept my hands on her boobs and was pressing them hard. It was so beautiful. I asked her to get down and I came over her. She didn’t had much time and i was also not able to control more. She layed on bed and i came over her. I was rubbing my dick in between of her assline. Friends, you can’t imagine how sexy her butts were? It was rounded and her pink assline was making me crazy for her. My

dick was leaking and i didn’t wanted to cum so soon. I started rubbing my dick now her ass hole. She took pillow in her hand and hidden her face. My dick was not eager to go inside and i pushed my butt. My dick top was entered inside in my first stroke. She wanted to shout but her voice was covered by pillow. Then, i had pushed one more time and it was more than half of my dick went inside her asshole and it was fully got inside in my third stroke. My dick was measuring her asshole deepness and i was moving butts fast. She was also

enjoying and pushing back her butts. Now, I had been fully over her and took her dick in my hands. I was doing her dick masturbation with my every strokes. Wow friends, it was really different sex experience. We had sex for two hours and i had fucked her asshole two times. Everytime i had released my cum inside her asshole and filled her ass with cum. Then, we had been fallen in each other arm. She had got up and asked me to turn. I was scared that she wanted to fuck me now. I asked that you want to fuck me? She said – no. I will just rubb

my dick on your asshole and will get discharged. I was ok with it. She put her dick on my asshole and rubbed. Woow.. beautiful feeling it was. I was feeling like someone was rubbing a hot iron rod on my asshole and after 10 minutes of rubbing she had dropped her all cum on my asshole. My asshole was full with her warm cum. We went to bathroom and bath together. I came back to home and had a great sleep that night. I was full satisfied that night. I never been that much satisfied ever after having sex with my wife. So friends, Please give

your views on my real sex encounter. And also, i advise you. If anytime you will get a chance to have sex with a shemale. You must have. It will be really great experience for you being as a sex lover.
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