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The horny student- Roopa

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hello friends, my name is Raja and i am 28 years old. My story is little longer. I will try to make as interesting as i can. So that, you will not feel bore reading my real sex encounter with on of my student. It happened almost 3 years before. I was a junior lecturer in an university. I was youngest among all lecturer. I was student friendly, so student also liked me. Girls always be crazy for me as they always tried to make me happy pr used to flirt with me to get good marks. I was asked to take computer class of B. Sc IInd year. I was going

first time in that class. Suddenly, I saw a girl sitting in very first row. Her face blushing and skin was shinning. She was Roopa. I was starring her. She was beautiful like angel and her figure was awesome. I asked some questions and she was really fast. Her style was so hot. She impressed me alot. Fist time, i felt some warmness on my dick tip seeing her. When she used to walk. Her butts move in rhythm. She didn’t used to wear bra, so her boobs and nipple points used use to their size and shape to everyone and her pointed tits was look

as they were inviting everyone to get licked and sucked. I had seen that there are many student, who wanted to fuck her and also some of teachers used to flirt with her. I also liked her in our very first interaction. She always used to liked me. She always starred me and wheneven i used to see her. She tried to escape her eyes from me. It was almost one week, i was taking their classes. One day Roopa came to me and said – I have some problem with computer. I understand all other subjects but i was very weak in computers. If you don’t

mind, can you give me extra time or extra classes. I said – i have very busy schedule in college. It will be really difficult for me to give some extra time. She immediately replied – if you don’t mind. You can give me private tuition at my home. I was thinking but she was requesting alot. I said yes. I was think, that it will give me some extra money. I told to come at 6 in evening to her home. I met her parent that day. She was only kid and her parent used to pamper her alot. Her mom and dad both used to do job. I started going to

Roopa’s home for teaching her. I was spending more than 2 hours at her home. We used to study and talk also. I believed, she liked me. Now, we had been friends and we used to talk on phone. She was so frank with me. Due to her frankness to me, she more looked like my girlfriend than my student. One day, when i went to her house. She was very happy. She was wearing skirt and very tight top. She saw me and said – today, i don’t have mood to study. I said – why? She said – no one in house today. I am all alone. Mom – dad had gone to

some relative’s place to attend meeting. They will come back by tomorrow evening. Today, i am in mood of full enjoyment. I said – then, what about study? She replied – we study everyday. If we skip study for one day. there is no harm. Let’s enjoy today. She said this and hugged me tight. Her big boobs were inside my chest. I could feel her tits. I lost my control and we both fallen on bed. Our lips were very close and we could heard the heart beats of each other. We were feeling the warmness of each other breath. I had lost my control

from over myself and kept my lips on her lips. I was kissing her. She was also kissing me in reply. We both had closed our eyes and sucking each other lips. I had kept my hands on her ass and was pressing her butts. She unbuttoned my shirt and was kissing my chest. My dick was erected and hard by now. She then removed her top and skirt. I was seeing her. She slapped me slowly and said – should i open all? She was smiling. I understood and i had unhooked her bra. She was looking awesome. I was guessing that her boobs must be 34. As i

unbuttoned her bra. Her big boobs came out. I was right. Her boobs size was 34. It was awesome and very horny. She was looking like a sex goddess. I had taken her boobs in my hands and was pressing the hard. She was so horny and hot. She said – you just know to press them? Kiss them. They want your tongue. She had put her boobs on my kips. I took her boobs in my hands and positioned. Then, i started licking her nipples. I had taken her nipples in my mouth, between my lips and was sucking them hard. She was so horny now. I was also feeling

hard and horny. I had taken my hand to down. She felt shy and said – please don’t go there. It is good to boobs only. I had lost my control entirely and can’t be satisfied only with boobs play. I had torn her panty. She had seen my roughness. She was scared and said – please leave me. Please don’t do with bottom. I am still virgin. I don’t have courage to go next. I said – don’t worry. Nothing will happen. You will enjoy. Promise. It is not that painful. Then, I opened her pussy. Wow, what a sexy pussy it was. Clean shaved

and very smooth. It was all pink. I had kept my tongue on her pussy. I was licking her clit and was sucking her pink pussy. Roopa was getting mad. She was enjoying and moaning in pleasure. Her hands were in my hairs and she was pulling my hairs wildly. Her sound was surrounding in room ahha hha ahah ahaha.. ahahhh… ahahaha… yes… so sex… She was throwing her legs and pulling my hairs wildly. She was pre cum and now it was her turn to suck me. I had opened my underwear. My dick was looking monster that day. I had kept my dick on her lips.

I asked to kiss my dick. She was seeing such a huge dick first time. She kissed on the dick tip and started licking my dick. She didn’t liked and avoided it. I had not forced her. I wanted to make her so horny that she must take initiate the fucking thing. I wanted to fucked her so hard and also wanted that she must enjoy. I wanted a sex relationship not one night stand. I had this idea in my mind and was handling her in same way. Then, i and pushed her on bed and then i put my dick on her pussy. She had closed her eyes and then, i had

played my first stroke. It was very hard and fast and her pussy was very wet. Only my dick tip went inside. She was shouting in pain and was saying to leave her. She didn’t wanted more sex now and wanted to take out my dick from her pussy. But, I was not in mood of leaving her. I was continue stroked and given inside my entire dick in 3 – 4 strokes. She was so crying with pain. I had stopped myself for sometime and when she was relaxed started stroking again. She was now enjoying and was replying back with moving her butts. We had fucked

for 30 minutes and when i felt that i was about to cum. I had pulled out my dick and released my all cum over her pussy. She was looking happy. She was all good now and cleaned my dick by licking and sucking. It was 9 o’clock. She said – Please stay here tonight. I want to sleep with you all night. She made dinner and we had dinner nude. Then we had been in bed again and i fucked her 3 more times that night. I tried to fuck her asshole also. But, she was shouting with pain. I had quit the idea to fuck her asshole. Now, she was totally

bindas and we used to sex whenever had time. She is married now and shifted to USA. We use to talk on phone and she always say, my husband is not like you and his dick is very small. Whenever, i come to India. I will stay with you and we will have sexy fuck every night. So friends, this is my real sex encounter with my student. Please share your view in your comments that how do you like my story. I am sorry, if i made any mistake. I tried to make this story interesting and horny. So, that you also can feel they boldness and sexyness of Roopa

and you can masturbate on her name.
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