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Sex in delhi with madhu my sweet chat friend

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

Hey Guys “Safeinn – here came back with new one… and thanks for the comments and mails I really loved your replies” I am Good looking Guy with 6 inch Cock … this is my 4th story over here in ISS .. Being a Huge fan of ISS from long time… Girls & Aunts if interested.. Mail me &/* */ I will take care of Ur smooth…. Secrecy will be maintained …. Let’s come to incident quickly this is long back story when we had yahoo chat …..It all started one bored afternoon at work I entered a chat room 30’s love to be precise. After

saying hi hello to a few Madhu replied with a “hi!” We chatted for an hour and followed it up by chatting almost daily for a month. Let me tell u about Madhu and me Madhu was 28 years old, married about a year; her husband was always working late, this left Madhu feeling lonely, bored and dejected. Let me describe how Madhu looks, she is 5’6” fair with a nice plump body (not fat) with big boobs. She had a cute innocent face and a soft voice which attracts every one And me I am a 26 year old Un Married from Hyd, looking for some fun.

One afternoon while chatting she said I am going for a bath so I was joking with her and said take me with you, she replied sure come over. Now the problem was Madhu happens to live in Delhi and me in Hyderabad. But this did not stop us getting naughtier online. We moved on to sex chat and other intimate talks. Madhu started inviting me to Delhi but I did not get an opportunity to go to Delhi so I politely said “soon”. 6 months passed of daily chatting and seeing each other on webcam. One day I read about an oncoming auto fair (m a grt fan

of car’s especially new ones) which happens at Delhi every year. My eyes lit up I thought this is a good chance to meet Madhu. I told her about my travel plans and fixed up a day when I would be checked into a hotel and she will come over and meet me there. I reached Delhi on a Tuesday morning by train checked in to a hotel and rang up Madhu to check with her. She told me that she will reach my room in an hour. By then I showered perfumed and mouth sprayed myself all set for the encounter with Madhu. A little over an hour of waiting

impatiently the intercom rang from the front desk that a lady has come to visit me I asked them to send her to my room. In a few minutes there was knock on my door. I was waiting by the door so I opened it immediately. There she was stand as nervous as I was. I asked her to step in to my room. We had prepared so many times what we will do when we will meet. Finally that we did both waited for the other to make the 1st move I took one step towards her and gently kissed her on her lips she hesitated but kissed me back now my arms went around her

hips and pulled her closer as I kissed her harder and sucked her lower lip I could see her relax and enjoy the kiss just like we had done so many times online. After a few minutes which felt like a long time we both looked at each other, I told her finally I kissed u. She blushed I took her over to the sofa made her sit. I offered her a drink as I wanted her to be more relaxed. She agreed so I made 2 large pegs of whiskey. By the time we finished our drink we were so comfortable and sitting next to each other arms around her. When she

finished her glass I took it from her and kept it aside pulled her closer and kissed her neck and ears. She let out a moan my hands had snaked to her hips and breast under her t shirt. I massaged her hips and chest as I kissed her deeper, my tongue exploring her mouth. She was still a bit shy but opening up as I kissed her more. I licked her face and ears .. she got tempted and I was very hot and pressed boobs for some time, Meanwhile I had managed to pull her t-shirt and unclasp her bra her two melon size breasts popped out, my mouth

immediately latched on to one of them sucking and squeezing them.. I love sucking boobs and biting nipple without pain .. as I slowly started to suck nipple and squeeze she started moaning softly though slow to begin with she started to respond. After a 10-15 minutes of sucking and caressing I got up held her hand and brought her to the neatly laid out bed I made her sit as I kissed her she by now had unbuckled my belt and my jean’s slid down to my ankles my dick was throbbing inside my boxers so she pulled my boxers down and held my dick to

her soft hands touched my dick and sent a pulse or excitement up my spine she pulled back foreskin and brought her mouth to my dick and when she put her lips around my penis I let out a moan wow what a feeling of her warm mouth enveloping my dick and sucking me deeper. Slowly she started pumping my dick and her tongue rolling over my penis head. I held her head as it bobbed, after 10-15 minutes of getting a blow job I felt I might cum anytime soon I asked her to stop. I pushed her on to the bed and I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off. I

saw madhu wearing a nice soft white cotton pantie with lots of pink hearts on it. Tried to lick and bite pussy without removing… she loved that …. I pulled them off as instinct Madhu closed her legs out of shyness. I pulled off my jeans and shorts as I leaned over Madhu kissed her lips to calm her and I spread her legs. I saw her shaven mound and slit was thin and tight. I cupped her pussy with my palms and started rubbing them from outside she liked it meanwhile I slid my index finger inside her. It was moist and warm as my fingers dug

deeper and caressed her more she lifted her hips to take more of it in. Her soft moans was music to my ears I knew she liked my every move. She moaned “your fingers are magical don’t stop” I told her “if you think my fingers are magical wait till my tongue touches you” saying this I parted her legs and kissed her thighs and her inner thighs moving towards her pussy I kissed her pussy lips and my tongue flicked her slit. She let out a loud moan. I started running my tongue up and down her entire slit she was so wet her juices were

flowing. She held my head and pulled me closer to her moaning louder as I licked her harder. By the time I finished licking her and had a huge orgasm. I then slid a condom and held madhu’s ankles and spread her legs as I positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy I rubbed my dick head on her clit Madhu moaned and begged me to not to tease her. I teased her some more and slid my dick in to her now wet and juicy pussy. She let out a huge uuuuf as I went all the in her I waited 2 sec and started pumping her. Her pussy was warm and tight I

could feel her pussy tight on my dick as I pumped her in a steady rhythm. Madhu matched mine stroke to stroke. After 10-15 minutes of stroking I got her on her fours the sight of her nice round juicy ass drove me crazy. I spread her ass cheeks and entered her pussy from behind I held her hips and pulled her towards me I started stroking her. I slapped her ass a few times leaving red marks on her ass she moaned and liked it. She moaning loudly and asking me fuck her harder this was not the shy timid that had entered my room some time back. I

flipped her to her back this time putting her legs on my shoulder and entering her pussy which was at a correct angle for me to pump her hard and fast. I was pounding her hard and fast while sucking and biting her nipples. she was moaning loudly and asking me to fuck her even harder. She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer and closer. She was meeting my stroke to stroke as I was nearing an orgasm I asked if she is going to cum to she nodded her head as she moaned louder and louder. I came hard and deep inside her as she too shuddered and her

nails dug in to my shoulders. I slumped on top of her, head rested on her huge breasts sweat dribbling I kissed her and flopped next to her on the bed catching my breath… We spent the day together…. Did 3 times and she left … finally again I have met her again in Hyderabad .. will post shortly ….. Girls & Aunts if interested.. Mail me &/* */ I will take care of U in smooth…. All will be maintained secretly ….. Thank U once again for giving me opportunity.
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