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Servant Boy Helps For Divorce (both eng/hindi)

दोस्तों ये कहानी आप सेक्सवासना डॉट कॉम पर पड़ रहे है।

(Dialogues are translated from Hindi to English so no problem for non Hindi readers) Anjali and her hubby were unhappy couple who spent most of their time together fighting. Anjali’s father had not bothered to look at her hubby before the marriage as he was a rich man. But on the day of the wedding she had realized that he was an ugly very black Tamilian. The marriage as expected didn’t work and after seven months they were almost at the brink of divorce when her hubby brought Ramu an eighteen year old boy for household works. Ramu

was dedicated servant and Anjali adored him. But she could not help but notice that Ramu ogled at her frequently. Sometimes in kitchen he stared at her boobs or sometimes while coming back from market in bus he would touch her bare hands under the basket. She ignored all this until one day… Anjali entered her bathroom as usual and undressed herself. She turned on the shower and was applying soap on her breasts when she thought that she saw something dark behind the tiny window. She froze and frowned. Is somebody peeping on me while

bathing, she thought. She turned off the shower and wrapped herself with a towel. She observed the window for few minutes and when she was about to give up and go, a head rose from below the window and her eyes narrowed in anger as she spotted Ramu’s face appear. Anjali: TU!!!!! RUKH RAMU! AAJ TO HADH HI PAAR HOGAYI TERI! (YOU!!!!! STOP RAMU! TODAY YOU HAVE CROSSED THE LIMIT! There was a thud as Ramu jumped down the wall and ran to the farm and Anjali walked out of the bathroom to her bedroom. She was fuming as she dressed up in her

usual sari and waited in the living room for Ramu. He came back in the evening and she pulled him by his ear to the kitchen and hit him hard, she slapped him many times, screaming at the top of her voice for what he had done. Then she made him do extra chores and finally brought him to the living room. Anjali: chalo, apna saaman pack karo aur niklo. (C’mon, pack your belongings and get out) Ramu still crying fell on his feet and clutched her heels. Ramu: Please Anjali aunty…*sob*…mai yeh phirse nahin karunga. (I will not repeat

this) Anjali grabbed his hair and slapped him again. Anjali: bahut dino se dekh rahi hu tuhje! Maine ab tak ignore kiya…kabhi kitchen me mere seena ko ghoorta rahta hai toh kabhi bus me mujhe choone ki koshish karta hai! Mai who sab toh maaf kardoo lekin aaj tune hadh par kar di! Mujhe nanga nahate hue dekh raha tha na tu? Aaj yeh kiya hai…kal ko mera nanga video nikalta ya phir mera rape karta! (I’m observing you since long. I ignored it till now…you stare at my chest or sometimes you try to touch me in the bus. I can forgive

all that but today you crossed the limit. You were watching me bathe naked? You did this today…tomorrow you would record me naked or you would rape me.) Ramu: Nahi malkin*sob**sob*… mai phir nahi karunga. (No mistress, I won’t do it again) Anjali: tu yaha se jata hai ki nahi? (Are you going from here or not?) Ramu still crying says: please aunty… Anjali: accha, toh mai tere mama ko hi phone karke tujhe yaha se lejaane ke liye kahti hu (Alright, then I shall call your Uncle and ask him to take you away.) Ramu started shaking. He

clutched her legs. Ramu: please mama koh mat bolana. Mai mar jaaunga…. (Please don’t tell uncle. I’ll die…) Anjali frowned. Anjali: kya kaha tune? (What did you say?) Ramu: agar mama ko pata chala toh who mera jeena haraam kar denge…*sob* pehle hi yaha majboori me unke kehne par aaya hu… (If uncle hears about this he will make my life miserable….*sob* I came here on his command) Anjali: idhar aa, sofe par baith aur poori baat bata mujhe. Kya karlenge tere mama? (Come here, sit on the sofa and tell me everything. What will

your uncle do?) Ramu: woh pehle mujhe maarenge aur mujhe kai dino tak marte rahenge aur meri biwi ke saath galat karenge. (He’ll hit me for days and do wrong things with my wife) Anjali: Tu mujhe pehle se saaf saaf bata ki tere saath kya hua. (Tell me from the beginning) Ramu: mere maa baap marne ke baad mere mama ne mera khayal rakha. Jab me baara saal ka hua to unhone kaam karna sikhaya. Fir unhone mujhe kaam par laga diya aur meri kamai khud lene lage. Agar me paise maangta to mujhe maarte. Ek din jab me pandra saal ka hua toh

unhone meri shaadi ek chaudah saal ki ladki se karah di. Par meri suhagraat ke din unhone mujhe meri biwi ke kamre me jaane se mana kiya aur kaha ki mai bahut chota hu aur yeh sab nahi kar sakta. (Since my parents’ death my uncle took care of me. When I was twelve he taught me to work. Then he got me a job and took my salary for himself. Whenever I asked for my money he would hit me. When I turned twelve he married me to a fourteen year old girl. But he did not allow me to go to my wife on the first night as I was too young.) Ramu: ek

din jab me kaam se lauta toh mama meri biwi ke saath kuch kar rahe the. Mai bina awaj kiye gaya toh dekha ki mama meri biwi ke gaand me apna lund thok rahe the. Meri biwi chilla rahi thi lekin aaramse aur mama ko rok bhi nahi rahi thi. Par jab maine unhe pukara toh mama aag babula ho gaye aur mujhe khoob peeta. Unhone mujhe hall me bandh diya aur meri biwi ke saat wahi galat kaam karne room me chale gaye. Us din se mama mujhe dur cities me bhejne lage kaam ke liye aur kehne lage ki agar mai kaam na karu ya koi shikayat aay toh who mujhe bahut

maarenge aur meri biwi -joki unkke saath hai- ke saath galat karenge. (One day when I returned from work I found him doing something with my wife. I crept to them silently and I saw uncle ramming my wife’s ass with his penis. Wife was shouting but not loudly enough and she wasn’t even stopping uncle. But when I called them uncle lost his mind and hit me. He shut me in the hall and went back to the room to continue to do wrong with my wife. From that day he kept sending me to cites for work and warned me that if I fail to do my work

properly he would hit me and do wrong thing with my wife.) Ramu started crying again. Anjali: yeh toh tere saath bahut bura hua Ramu. Par fir tu mujhe shikayat ka mauka kyu deta hai? Tujhe pata hai na ki agar mai teri shikayat karungi toh tere mama tujhe aur teri biwi ko nahi chodenge. (You have such a bad experience. Even then why do you give me reasons to complain? You know pretty well that if I complain your uncle would punish you and your wife.) Ramu: mai aapko aapke pati ke liye mere mann me ghusse ke karan dekh raha tha. (I was

watching you out of the anger for your husband in my mind.) Anjali: kya matlab? (What do you mean?) Ramu: mera job aapke yaha pakka karne aapke pati mere ghar aaye the. Us din mama ne job pakki kar ke mujhe bahar bhej diya. Sham ko jab me ghar lauta toh aapke pati meri biwi ke saath galat kar rahe the aur mama bhi unka saath de rahe the. Mujhe maar nahi khani thi isliye mai waha se chala gaya aur khoob roya. Us din maine tthan li ki mai saab ki biwi ke saath galat karunga aur hasunga saab par. (To confirm my job your hubby came to my

home. Uncle fixed the job and sent me away. When I returned by evening I saw your husband doing wrong with my wife and uncle was helping him as well. I did not want beating again so I went away and cried. I decided that day that I will do wrong with his wife and laugh at him.) Anjali: mere pati se mere divorce hone ko hai…mere vakil mujhse aise hi saboot maang rahe the jiss se mai apne pati ki aayashiyon ka pata laga sakoo aur divorce se apne pati ki property ka hissa le sakoo. Aur aaj tere kaaran yeh mumkin ho sakta hai…tu apni kahani

poori kar. (I am about to get divorced. My attorney wanted a proof of my hubby’s infidelity. This would help me acquire lot of money or property through the divorce. You continue your story.) Ramu: mujhe aapke pati se badla lena tha is liye mai yaha chup chap aaya, lekin jab maine aapko dekha toh mai dang rah gaya. Aur aapse pyaar karne laga. Maine soocha ki mai aapse pyaar karne laga hu aur aapke saath galat nahi kar saktha. Par mujhe aapke pati se badla lena tha lekin aapse pyaar hone ke kaaran maina faisla kiya ki mai aapko sirf

gandi nazar se dekhunga aur mauka mila to aapko nanga dekhunga isliye maine aaj yeh harkat ki. (I wanted revenge from your hubby so I came silently. But when I saw you I fell in love, I could do wrong with you due to this. But since I wanted revenge I decided watch you naked.) Anjali was silent. She was stunned by the heartwarming confession from Ramu and she was blushing at the thought of Ramu being in love with her. Ramu: mujhe maaf karna… (Forgive me…) She hugged him tightly and Ramu’s face crushed against her breasts and Anjali

didn’t care. She knew Ramu was in love with her and all the things he had done till now were not due to his lust for her but to take revenge against her husband. And anyway, even if it was intentional…she was surprised to know that she did not mind. Anjali: mai jaanti hu ki tumhaare saat anyai hua hai, lekin aisi harkate karne se tumhe kuch nahi hasil hoga…agar tum sach much mere pati se badla lena chahte ho toh tum mere divorce me meri madat karo. (I know that whatever happened to you wasn’t fair. But doing all this won’t help the

revenge. If you truly want revenge then help me get divorce.) Ramu: kaise..? (How..?) Anjali: mai chahti hu ki tum mere witness bano, tumhe sirf kehna hoga ki mere pati tumhari biwi ke saath kya karte hai…divorce ke baad mujhe paise milenge usme se mai tumhe kuch paise doongi. (I want you to be my witness. All you have to do is tell the court about my hubby’s sex with your wife. After the divorce I will give you some money. ) Ramu: mujhe paise nahi chahiye… (I don’t want money) Anjali: fir kya? (Then?) Ramu: mai aapse pyaar

karta hu…kya aap mujhse pyaar karogi? (I love you…will you love me?) Anjali’s heart was racing. She wanted Ramu to be her witness. If he agrees then she would get huge amount of money or property through the divorce. For that she wanted Ramu to be happy and Ramu wanted her to love him. Ramu: kya aap mere saat kiss karogi? (Will you kiss me?) The guy doesn’t know anything about sex, Anjali thought. He thinks that love means kissing and watching a woman naked! So she wasn’t in any trouble at all. Her work would be done without

problem. Anjali: kya tu mera witness banega agar mai tujhe pyaar karungi toh? (If I love you…will be my witness?) Ramu: ha…mai bas aapko chahta hu (Yes. I just want you.) Anjali: thik hai lekin sirf kiss karungi… (Okay…but I will only kiss) Ramu nodded and approached her lips. Anjali had her lips rounded and shaped it into a perfect circle as their lips neared. The inner part of her lips was protruding out and was shining. Ramu tilted his head and crushed his lips against hers. For nearly five seconds nothing happened. Ramu

was unsure about this and Anjali was only trying to help him and her feelings weren’t sexual. But the moment their lips touched both of them felt like they had never felt before. Anjali had kissed her ugly Tamilian husband lot of times and never like it. But now as he kissed Ramu she tasted his tasty mouth and her lips urged for more. Her mouth opened automatically and so did Ramu’s, their tongues reached out of their mouth and entered into each other’s mouth sucking the saliva. Anjali: muuaach-muuaacch slowly Ramu…muaach-you’re

biting- muaach-biting my tongue. Ramu: muaach-sorry aunty. They kissed again and again uncountable times. They kisses grew intense and louder and they two of them hugged each other tighter. Ramu’s arms were around her waist and Anjali’s were around his neck. She forgot all about her martial life as she kissed his tasty lips. Then they stopped and Ramu was smiling. Anjali: kaisa laga? (How was it?) Ramu: bahut accha…aap bahut tasty ho (very good…you are very tasty) Anjali: ha ha…kya yeh tera pahli baar tha? (Ha…was it

your first time?) Ramu: ha, maine kisses sirf filmo mei dekhe hai. Real life mei pahli baar tha. (Yes I have seen this only in film. In real life this was first time.) Anjali: tu bas mera kaam kar de aur me tujhe jitney chahe utne kisses doongi. (Just do my work…and I will kiss you as many times as you want!) Ramu grabbed her face and they lay on the sofa kissing all evening. At nine o clock her husband returned from work and as usual they began quarreling. Hubby: ha aaj teri boori nazar ke wajah se mera poora kaam bigad gaya.

(Because of you my work got spoilt.) Anjali: mujhe kyu dosh de rahe ho? Khud kuch kaam ke nahi! Kal hi mai tumhare office se sun kar aa rahi hoo ke tum Mr. Mehta ki biwi ke saath ek party mei flirt kar rahe the. (Why blame me? You’re useless. I heard from your office that you are courting Mrs. Mehta) Hubby: accha? (Really?) Anjali: ha (yes) Hubby: toh maina bahut accha kiya…aura aage bhi aisa hii karunga. Aur tum kya gul khilati ho? Poora din ghar me baithi rahti ho? Sidhe sidhe kahti kyu nahi kahti ki tum driver aur hamare padosi ko

ghoorti rahti ho. (then I have done very good. I will continue it! And what do you do all day at home? I know you are looking at our driver and our neighbor) Anjali: ulta chor kotwal ko daate! Tum der raath thak kaha rehte ho? Mrs. Mehta ke bedroom mei? (What do you do whenever you come late. Sleep in Mrs. Mehta’s bedroom?) Hubby: tumse to baath karna hi mushkil…. (Talking with you is time waste) Anjali: kyu kuch bolne ko raha nahi kya? (Why? nothing to defend yourself?) Hubby: toh yeh baath hai? Tum mujhe haraana chahti ho? Toh

suno! Mai roz Mrs. Mehta ko mere car mei chodata hu aur uski gaand bhi maarta hu…. khush? Ab jo ukhadna hai ukhadlo. (So this is your intention. You wanna defeat me? Then listen! I fuck Mrs. Mehta everyday in my car and even bang her ass, happy? Do what you can to stop me.) Anjali: toh tum bhi sun lo mai roz driver aur padosi se chudti hu. Wo dono kya, chahoo toh yeh naye naukar ko bhi chodungi. Jo ukhadna hai ukhad lo. (Then you hear me as well. I fuck our driver and neighbot everyday. And I can fuck or servant also if I want.) Hubby:

tu rukh saali kutti!! Ek baar mere vakil ko tere khilaf saboot miljaane de. Phir dekh mai kya karta hu. (You wait bitch. One day I will get evidence against you …) And the quarrel ended with hubby deciding to sleep alone in his room and he ordered her to sleep in the guest room. She went to the kitchen first. She drank many mouthfuls of vodka and was heavily drunk. Her hubby did not know that Ramu was sleeping in the guest room; he assumed that Ramu was sleeping in the kitchen. So fuming in anger and heavily drunk Anjali walked to the

guest room and dropped on the bed next to Ramu. Anjali: samaj ta kya hai apne aap ko!? (Who does he think he is?!) Ramu: kya hua aunty? (What happened aunty?) Anjali: wahi roz ka naatak! Meri vakil se baath hone do. Agli do-teen sunwayi mei divorce bhi hojayega aur mujhe bahut paise bhi milenge. (The same story… just let me have some discussion with my attorney! In two to three days sessions I will be divorced and will also get lot of money.) Ramu: phir? (Then?) Anjali: phir kya? Maine Goa jaane ka bandobasth kiya hai. Waha meri

saheliya mujhe ek ghar kharidke dengi aur mai sukoon se baaki zindagi bitaungi. (Then what? I have made arrangements to move to Goa. There my friends would help me buy a home and I will spend my life peacefully) Ramu: accha hai…aap khush toh rahoge! Yahi meri tamanna hai. (It’s good. At least you will be happy. That’s all I wish) Anjali: tu kya karega phir? Mera witness banne ke baad toh tere mama tujhe jaan se mardenge na? (What will you do then? After becoming my witness your uncle will kill you right?) Ramu: maine socha hai ki

mai bhi bhag jau. (I have decided to run away) Anjali: kaha? (Where) Ramu: pata nahi. (I don’t know) Anjali: tu ek kaam kar, tu mere saath Goa chal. Waha bhi mai tumhe kaam de dungi. (Do this; you come with me to Goa. I will give you work as my servant again) Ramu: sach? (Really!?) Anjali: sach me. (Really!) Ramu: phir toh mai din raath appki seva karunga! (Then I will serve you day and night) Anjali smiled. Ramu: ek baath poochu? (Can I ask you something?) Anjali: pooch. (Ask.) Ramu: aapp jab nangi thi to maine apka seena

dekha…bahut bada tha! Mera lund bhi khada ho gaya..aisa kyu? (When I saw you naked I saw your chest…it was huge! Even my penis got erect…why so?) Anjali: aisa ladko k hota hai jab who ladkiyon ko dekte hai. (This happens to men when they see women) Ramu: isliye jabse aap mere saath yaha so rahi ho tabse mere lund kadak ho gaya hai. (That is why my penis is erect when I am here with you) Anjali: achha? Dikha? (Really? Show?) Ramu pointed at his pant where a huge bulge had formed. Anjali was awestruck. She had never seen a huger

erection. Anjali: tera toh bahut bada hai re chore! (Yours is quite big lad) Ramu: pata nahi kyu! Mujhe bahut takleef hoti hai. (I don’t know why! It is uncomfortable sometimes.) Anjali: apni pant khol. (Open your pant) Ramu: kyu? (Why?) Anjali: apni pant khol…mai apna blouse kholti hu. (You open your pant…I will open my blouse.) Ramu nodded. Anjali pulled her pallu away and displayed her cleavage to Ramu. She knew she was getting carried away but she could not control with this innocent boy. She did not know that it was the

drink that was making her so reckless. Anjali: kaisa hai? (How’s it?) Ramu: bahut accha…(Very good) Anjali: poora nanga nahi dekega? (Don’t you wanna see it completely naked?) Ramu: ha! (Yes) Anjali: toh tere chote saab koh bahar nikal aur dikha. (Then pull your younger member out and show) Ramu looked puzzled at her and she touched his crotch area to indicate that she wanted to see his penis. Anjali didn’t know what made her do it. Maybe it was the frustration against her husband or maybe she was just getting turned on by

this boy and she really wanted sex badly. Anjali ‘s hands worked behind her back and unhooked her blouse. Then she unhooked her bra and Ramu’s eyes widened. He saw her boobs completely naked. Ramu opened his zip and revealed his penis to her. Anjali squealed at the sight of his penis. It wasn’t enormous like many pretend, but it was very well grown and particularly thick. It was much better than an average Indian and even her stupid Tamilian husband’s penis in comparison to Ramu’s was nothing. Anjali caught hold of his penis

and stroked it gently smiling at him. Ramu smiled back and said that he was feeling very good. Anjali then decided that Ramu definitely needed sexual education and in the course she would satisfy herself as well. And thinking about what she was going to do, Anjali felt her vagina moisten. She rubbed her thighs together and held Ramu’s penis. Anjali: tere saat bahut bura hua Ramu ki tujhe teri biwi ke saath suhagraat nahi manane diya gaya. (It wasn’t fair Ramu that you didn’t get to have the first night with your wife) Ramu: ab us se

koi fark nahi padta hai. Maine aapko nanga dekha aur aapko kiss kiya. Iss se aur accha kya ho sakta hai. (What difference does it make? I have seen you naked and have kissed you. What better can I get?) Anjali: yahi toh buri baath hai Ramu ki tujhe pata nahi ki iss se accha kya hai. Accha ek baat bata, tune sach much kabhi sex nahi kiya? (That’s the irony Ramu! You don’t know what you are missing. And tell me frankly, you seriously haven’t slept with any one?) Ramu: sex? Anjali: ha sex! Joh tere mama teri biwi ke saath karte hai

use sex kehte hai. Yeh har pati aur patni karte hai. Woh teri biwi koh sazaa nahi de rahe the balki uske saath sex karke who maze le rahe the jiske liye har insaan thadap ta hai. Tu abhi bhi naadan hai aur tujhe kuch nahi pata. (Yes, sex! It is what your uncle does with your wife. It is done by every husband and wife. He is not punishing your wife. Instead he is enjoying her by having sex with her sex is something every person craves for. You are innocent and oblivious to all this.) Ramu: par ab mai kya karu? (What can I do now?) Anjali:

tu dar math! Mai hoon na! mai tujhe sex sikhaungi! Agar tu court mai bolega ki mere pati mujhe maarte the aur phir apni biwi ki baath saamne rakhega toh mai sex karungi tere saath. (Don’t panic! I will teach you sex. If you confess in court that my hubby beats me and put forward the truth about your wife then I will teach you) She had thought all day about this and she knew that the amount of money she would get through the divorce would be nothing compared to sharing bed with a boy. But she had decided to do this straightaway under the

influence of the drink. Ramu: agar mai jhoot bolu toh aap mere saath…(If I lie you will…) Anjali: ha! Bas tu ha kar de aur mai who sab karungi (Yes! All you have to do is agree) Ramu nodded. Anjali: Ab bas mai jaisa bolti hu tu waisa kar. Apne kapde poori tarah nikal aur nanga ho ja. (Now do as I say. Undress. Ramu did. Anjali instructed him all over and he did as he was told. He switched on the fan so that their voices would not carry out of the room. He bolted the door as well and closed the windows. He undressed Anjali

on her command and positioned himself in front of her vagina. Anjali: jot u dekh raha hai use vagina kehte hai! Jab bhi koi aurat sexually excited hoti hai toh yeh geela ho jata hai. Vaise hi jab ek mard sexually excited hota hai to uska penis khada aur kadak ho jata hai. (What you are looking at is vagina. When a woman is sexually excited her vagina gets wet. Similarly when a man is sexually excited his penis becomes erect and rock hard) Ramu: maine jab aapko nanga dekha tha toh.. (When I saw u naked…) Anjali: ha ha pata hai, tu tok

math. Sex karne ke liye yeh do chize zaroori hai, penis aur vagina. Jab ek mard ka penis aurat ke vagina ke andar jata hai toh dono ko bahut maza aata hai aur isse sexual intercourse kehte hai. Ab tu tera penis mere andar daal! (Yes I know, don’t interrupt. For sex you require two things, penis and vagina. When a man penetrates a woman’s vagina with his penis they feel pleasure. This is called sexual intercourse. Now insert your penis inside me.) Ramu was surprised as he did not expect her to ask him to have sex so early. Panicky, he

held the tip of his penis and was about to enter her vagina when he lost his erection. Anjali sighed. The boy wasn’t ready for sex just yet. So she decided to teach him theoretically for some time to drive his fear away. The training continued for half an hour and Ramu learnt sex theoretically. But to learn practically he wasn’t ready as he was nervous and afraid of the teaching so he could not get an erection. Anjali could have gotten him one by sucking and stroking his penis but she did not want to push him too far in one night and she

decided to stop it there. Anjali: now go and sleep in the kitchen. I will show you how to have sex tomorrow. Next morning. Hubby: mai raath ko der se aaunga. (I will be late tonight) Anjali: ha ha. Mrs. Mehta ko meri taraf se kehna ki mere pati ka badan mubaarakh. (Ha ha, tell Mrs. Mehta from me to enjoy mu hubby’s body) Hubby: zaroor kahunga. Aur tum hamare naukar se kehna ki meri biwi ki chooth mubarakh. Poora din maze karna. (Of course. And tell our servant from me to enjoy my wife’s pussy. Enjoy all day.) And with one

murderous look he strode off while Anjali smiled thinking that unknowingly her husband had given Ramu permission to sleep with his wife. Anjali did some chores all morning and Ramu helped her without looking her in the eye. She smiled to herself and wondered if what she did with Ramu last night was done with some of her neighbor boys. They would have torn her apart and would have called all the boys in the locality to gang bang her. That is why she never had sex with anybody apart from her husband. As she was posting a story on

indiansexstoreis.net she saw Ramu cleaning the hall. She knew that she would have sex with him tonight if the idiot boy would concentrate on her beauty and get an erection. That night Anjali slept in the guest room even before her husband’s return and when he did, she went to the kitchen and brought Ramu along with her to the guest room for their sex that night. Ramu was shy and was definitely horny as Anjali began with soothing words. She knew she was strict last night and that was one of the reasons Ramu did not sustain an erection for

long. They undressed and lay on the bed facing each other sideways. Anjali: you remember whatever I told you yesterday? Ramu nodded. Anjali: then have sex with me. I won’t do anything tonight; you have to do everything with me and my body. Ramu nodded again and Anjali shifted herself and lay on her back facing the ceiling. Ramu began slowly, first unsure when to begin. Then he placed his hand on her thigh and rubbed it there. Anjali smiled and encouraged him and Ramu sat up on the bed pulling her legs towards him. He parted them and

kissed her inner thighs. Anjali closed her eyes and took a sharp intake. Her nerves were tickling and she enjoyed his first touch on her body with ecstasy. Ramu did not hurry as Anjali had instructed him last night. He kissed her thighs for some time and rose above her body. His naked body slumped on hers and he brought his lips closer to hers. Anjali was smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. Ramu: muaach! The kisses weren’t gentle caressing that had been before. Now it had turned into sexy smooches which displayed the eagerness and

hunger inside a boy who was kissing a woman fifteen years older than him. His mouth sucked hers and drank her saliva but did not stop for long as it yearned for her taste which was the most intoxicating thing he had ever tasted. His hands instinctively reached for her breasts. He rose a few inches above her to make enough space for his hands to grope her breasts with ease and he continued kissing her. His fingers found her nipples and using his thumb and index finger he squeezed them. A loud moan escaped Anjali’s mouth as they were kissing

and Ramu understood why she had insisted on stimulating the nipples while having sex because it adds on to the pleasure. Thinking it was a great idea he squeezed her boobs hard. Anjali: ouch! Ramu: kya hua? (What happened?) Anjali: tu daba mere breasts ko lekin thoda araam se. itna josh me math aa! (You can squeeze my breasts but a little gently. Don’t get carried away) Then she grabbed his hands and placed them back on her boobs and they kissed again. They continued this act for about half an hour pausing for sometime in between.

Then Ramu moved lower down her body. He kissed and licked her thighs again as Anjali watched smiling and moaning. He progressed slowly and finally when he reached her vagina he gasped. Anjali: what? Ramu: kuch nahi…mujhe aisa laga ki aapka vagina phata hua hai. (Nothing…I thought your vagina is torn) Anjali laughed. Anjali: use labia kehte hai. Aur agar thoda upar dekhega toh tujhe clitoris dikhega. (That is called labia. And if you look up you’ll spot the clitoris.) Ramu nodded and gave her vagina one mighty lick. Anjali

raised her hips in excitement and got hold of his hair. Ramu munched her labia and stimulated her clitoris suing his thumb finger. Anjali felt pressure building inside her and with a long moan she gripped her pillows tightly and raised her hips. She had the first orgasm that night and she moaned and gasped. Ramu knew he had half of his done his job. Ramu: you did not squirt liquids? Anjali: not all women do that…squirting liquids is nothing but overflow of the vaginal secretions which sometimes happen in a women’s orgasm. We don’t

ejaculate like men at all but we get a great feeling which is out of the world. Understood? Ramu smiled and climbed over her and grabbed her boobs. He kissed them and bit the nipples hard. Anjali’s one hand seized his long hair and the other scratched his back as Ramu coated her breasts with his saliva. Then Anjali sat up and made him lie on his back. She tied her hair and clipped it then. She was about to take it in her mouth when she heard her husband knock the door. Panicky Anjali sent Ramu to the joint bathroom. She talked to her hubby

without opening the door. Anjali: what happened? Hubby: I went to drink water in the kitchen and found that Ramu wasn’t there. Do you know where he is? Anjali: he said something about a new friend in the neighborhood…maybe he’s there. Hubby: are you sure. Anjali: yes. He went away and Anjali sighed in relief. She did not let Ramu come out of the bathroom for half an hour and kept checking on her husband. After waiting half an hour she called Ramu to the bed. Anjali: chup chap rahna! Kuch awaz math karna. (Keep quiet and don’t

make any noise) Ramu nodded and Anjali made him lie on his back and she bent over his cock. She smiled at it and stroked it for some time. She spat on it and continued stroking it giving Ramu had never experience. But Anjali knew that he was about to experience much better than that. Then she gave Ramu the first touch of tongue on his penis. He gave a grunt and laughed as Anjali swallowed 1/3 of his penis. She sucked and pulled his skin occasionally spitting and rolling her tongue on the tip of his penis. Then they got into the sixty nine

position and both of them took great care of each other’s organ. Ramu’s face was buried under her vagina and Anjali who was on top was playing pretty well as her warm tongue and hand worked on with the best penis she had ever had in her miserable life. This continued for long and Anjali had her second orgasm. And seconds after that Ramu squirted loads of semen on her face. They went to the bathroom to clean themselves. They came back and lay on the bed holding each other. Ramu: ab kab khada hoga mere penis? (When will my penis be

erect again? Anjali: tera pahli baar hai na? jyaada der nahi lagega! (It’s your first time so it won’t take long) They talked for fifteen to twenty minutes during which Anjali kept fondling his shriveled penis and Ramu kissed her lips and played with her breasts. After some time Ramu was hard again and Anjali licked his penis for few seconds to make it rock hard. Then she kneeled on the bed and bent over to reveal her ass cheeks to Ramu who kneeled behind her holding his penis. He slowly approached her from behind and he had some

difficulty in finding the hole for which Anjali helped him. She guided his penis to the entrance and with a moan its tip penetrated her love hole. Ramu grunted and tried to push harder but his cock bent and came out of her vagina. Anjali laughed at the beginner and again guided him inside her. This time she made sure that he was well inside her before she let go of the penis. Ramu felt her hot wet vaginal walls engulf his meat and then followed the real love making both of them had never experienced before. Ramu kept thrusting in and out of

her wet dripping cunt and Anjali kept grunting with very thrust forwards. He was inexperienced and lacked the smoothness but Anjali enjoyed it anyway. The thrust became powerful slowly and both of them were moaning loudly. Anjali’s hands came out of nowhere and she stimulated her clitoris while Ramu continued fucking her. The powerful thrusts were making her and the bed rock back and forth. The only thing she wanted was to come for the first time since her marriage by the action of a good cock. And as Ramu increased the speed she felt an

orgasm building up. A loud sound was coming as their hips slammed against each other and then Anjali gave a long moan and dropped over the bed exhausted. Ramu wasn’t done and he lay on her still thrusting from behind. He fucked harder and harder and after few powerful ones his semen sprayed her vaginal walls from inside and he too collapsed on her. They fell asleep in that exhausted state. When Anjali woke up next morning she knew that she had had sex with Ramu under the influence of the drink. But she was surprised to know that she did

not mind and she was looking forward to another night of sex with him. One month later… Anjali was sitting watching the sun set in her bungalow in Goa. She was wearing a sleeveless white top which looked golden in the sunlight and blue jeans. There was a hat on top of her head and she smiled at the beauty. All her problems were over now. After Ramu’s confession in the court his mama and her husband were put in jail for rape, child labor, child sex abuse and adultery. Anjali was granted a divorce and she received a hefty amount of

money with which she had moved to Goa. Ramu came to her from behind. He was topless and was wearing dark jeans. Ramu: here’s your laptop. Anjali thanked him and started typing. She now spent most of her time typing novels and occasionally writing sex stories about which she told nobody. Not even Ramu who was now her servant as well as sex partner. After she was done writing sex stories she did not put her contact id at the bottom of the story. She knew there were too many dangerous boys out there who could cause trouble and she

posted few fiction stories on indiansexstorie.net. Thank you for reading this story. I hope everyone enjoyed. I cannot give my email for your comments (I had a very bad experience the last time I did). So to contact me you can use the “contact author” software given below the story in ISS and you can put your email address in the message box and if I want I will reply to that email address. Or please comment below. You can also send me a personal mail in ISS forum where it will be exactly like Gmail except for the chat service. My

id there is anjalijaiswal1982 Disclaimer: Neither do I support nor do I recommend adultery. Story is only for arousal and masturbation.
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